10 Best Fleet Telematics Systems

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If you landed here, it’s safe to assume you’re considering what telematics system would be best for tracking your construction fleet.

This is a great decision that promises real-time insights and control over every aspect of your fleet operations.

However, when you go online, the range of different fleet telematics solutions on offer may be overwhelming.

That’s why we’ve created a list of the 10 best fleet telematics systems, described their features, and other relevant details, including pricing.

Let’s dive in.


We’ll start off this list with our own telematics-powered solution, GoCodes.

With its roots in asset and inventory tracking, GoCodes is an all-in-one tracking solution for all your equipment, from heavy machinery and vehicles to the smallest tools and inventory supplies.

In terms of tracking your fleet of vehicles and equipment, GoCodes offers easily installable real-time GPS trackers.

Source: GoCodes

As illustrated, these trackers are battery-powered (with batteries lasting around three years) and, after they’re installed, provide you with minute-by-minute live location updates.

This means you can see where all vehicles and equipment in your fleet are on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop at any time.

This generates a range of benefits, from improved security against theft and unauthorized use to enhanced resource allocation and maintenance.

Moreover, GoCodes’ telematics trackers will record engine operating hours, vehicle speed, acceleration, harsh braking, and other parameters that allow you to raise your fleet management to the next level.

Additionally, you can leverage GoCodes’ trackers to set up virtual security perimeters, known as geofences, around specific job sites or storage yards, thus ensuring you’ll be promptly notified if any of the vehicles or equipment within the geofence leave that zone.

Source: GoCodes

However, GoCodes doesn’t stop at enabling real-time fleet management.

It also extends its tracking services to all other equipment, tools, PPE, spare parts, and even construction materials.

This is achieved by using a much more affordable way to track the location and status of your assets—QR code tags.

These tags are attached to all your equipment (including fleet vehicles) and, when scanned by a smartphone or tablet, act as a quick gateway to the GoCodes central cloud database of all tracked assets and the scanned asset’s individual info page.

Here’s how this works.

Source: GoCodes

These scannable QR codes are the core of GoCodes’ asset tracking system and constitute the basis for keeping all relevant info on your fleet and assets in one place that’s easily accessed and updated by users at any time.

Although QR codes are not real-time GPS trackers, they do possess one telematics feature:

They will use the scanning device’s GPS locator to record the GPS position of any asset when scanned.

Source: GoCodes

Considering the simplicity of installation and use of a QR code-based tracking system and its affordability, this way of tracking the location of your assets is ideal for monitoring less valuable, mid-sized, or small equipment, tools, spare parts, and other inventory items.

When combined with real-time telematics trackers for your vehicles and heavy equipment, this system—optionally extendable with Bluetooth beacons—provides an end-to-end fleet, asset, and inventory tracking and management solution.

Additionally, these GPS-enabled QR codes enable the establishment, updating, and easy access to a single cloud database where all info about your fleet and other assets is stored.

This gives rise to many other features relevant to fleet management, such as:

  • easy and automated check-in/check-out of equipment and tools,
  • tracking the quantity of consumable inventory items,
  • tracking and scheduling maintenance, and
  • receiving alerts for asset returns, low inventory levels, and scheduled maintenance tasks.

In terms of pricing, here are GoCodes’ QR code-based asset tracking packages:

Source: GoCodes

The above pricing packages include cloud software (with an in-app scanner) and custom QR code tags.

Keep in mind, though, that the real-time GPS trackers are offered as an optional module and priced separately.

Overall, GoCodes is an all-in-one fleet/asset/inventory tracking and management solution that stands out as one of the simplest and most affordable telematics systems on the market.

Verizon Connect Reveal

Verizon Connect Reveal, formerly known as Fleetmatics Reveal, is part of a suite of solutions offered by Verizon Connect.

This particular Verizon Connect solution focuses on fleet tracking, enabling fleet managers to:

  • increase fleet efficiency through better routing
  • use telematics data to improve driver behaviors
  • reduce fuel consumption
  • track vehicle and equipment maintenance

Similar to GoCodes, you can use Verizon Connect Reveal to generate reports, i.e., analyze historical data on your fleet’s performance, allowing you to detect a range of issues that could lead to higher costs, such as inefficient maintenance practices.

Source: Verizon Connect

With so many upgradable options and different software solutions under one roof, Verizon Connect Reveal can basically provide any combination of telematics technology you want.

For instance,  their offer includes road- and driver-facing dashcams that can be used to mitigate driving risks, coach drivers, and provide evidence for insurance claims in case of accidents.

Source: Verizon Connect

This number of telematics options and features also makes pricing complex, which is why you will have to contact Verizon Connect to receive a quote.

Pricing complexity aside, some software comparison websites specify that the price of one tracking device per vehicle starts at $23.50 per month, while the minimum contract term is three years.

To recap, Verizon Connect is an end-to-end fleet telematics solution that unites its Reveal app with a rich suite of other fleet management solutions aimed at taking full advantage of everything telematics has to offer.


Another leading name in the field of fleet telematics is Samsara, which offers a comprehensive platform designed to streamline fleet operations and enhance efficiency.

Beyond providing real-time GPS fleet trackers linked with engine diagnostics, Samsara focuses on:

  • optimizing driving routes and dispatching
  • monitoring driver behavior
  • tracking fuel and energy usage
  • providing fleet performance analytics

Naturally, these and other Samsara features enable companies to improve their fleet productivity, as illustrated below.  

Source: Samsara

For example, Samsara’s GPS tracking map that shows the location of your vehicles can be overlayed with real-time weather and traffic data, allowing fleet managers to quickly react and alert drivers to change their route if needed.

Additionally, you can use historical routing data to analyze and plan more efficient transport routes and stops and also detect driver deviations or poor driving habits that can be remedied with coaching.

Source: Samsara

Samsara’s fleet management offer also includes separately priced, AI-driven dashcams for road and driver monitoring.

As for pricing, Samsara is quote-based, so their website provides no specifics.

Other web sources cite different starting prices for the Samsara fleet management app and GPS trackers (per vehicle/equipment per month), namely $27.50 and $44.

Similar to Verizon, subscription to their services is subject to signing a three-year contract.

In summary, Samsara provides a single platform for handling all aspects of fleet management, including compliance with regulations and safety standards, enabling construction companies to optimize fleet operations for maximum efficiency.

Teletrac Navman

Teletrac Navman was founded in the UK but emerged as a global fleet solutions provider with its U.S. headquarters in California.

This is another all-encompassing fleet management solution that includes everything from TN360 (software platform) and GPS trackers for powered and non-powered assets to smart dashcams and AI-driven telematics data insights.

Source: Teletrac Navman

This comprehensive nature of Teletrac Navman solutions means you can—depending on your needs, preferences, and budget—pick and choose from a variety of specialized apps and add-ons all integrated within a single platform.

For instance, while they do provide advanced AI dashcams as part of their fleet management solutions, they also offer a range of other features that can be used independently of them.

Some of these features are:

  • real-time engine diagnostics
  • solar-powered asset trackers for trailers and other non-powered equipment
  • maintenance scheduling linked to odometer and engine hours
  • natural language search

Of course, all these functionalities generate a multitude of benefits, from reduced fuel and maintenance costs to improved driver safety.

Source: Teletrac Navman

Again, the wealth of options makes listing prices difficult, so Teletrac Navman, as most other solutions covered here, provides no pricing specifics.

In other words, you will have to specify your needs and provide basic info to get a quote.

Other online sources state that the price of their trackers starts at $25 per month per vehicle.

Despite opaque pricing, Teletrac Navman’s comprehensive fleet management features and user-friendly interface make it a worthwhile fleet telematics option to consider.


Azuga is a fleet management platform that was acquired by Bridgestone Corporation, a global leader in tire and rubber products, in 2021.

Azuga has all the features you would expect from an end-to-end fleet management solution, such as GPS fleet tracking, reporting, fuel management, route optimization, and driver safety.

Among these, Azuga excels in tracking and improving driver behavior and cites that its customers recorded on average 38% less accidents and 57% less speeding citations.

To achieve this, Azuga’s fleet management platform uses a combination of timely informing drivers, leveraging their competitive spirit (driver scoreboards), and rewarding them for efficient driving.

All this is done through Azuga’s mobile app, which can be used by drivers/operators and fleet managers alike.

Source: Azuga

Other noteworthy features of Azuga include color-coded GPS fleet location maps, where vehicles that are engaged in speeding or harsh braking are shown in red, idling vehicles in orange, and compliant vehicles in green.

Additionally, Azuga offers a flexible GPS location refresh rate, where clients can (for an additional fee) get GPS location updates every 15, 30, or 60 seconds instead of the standard two-minute interval.

Similar to most other fleet management solution providers, Azuga’s website offers pricing info but asks you to fill out a questionnaire to get a custom quote or schedule a demo.

Other sources list the monthly price of trackers per vehicle between $25 and $35 while also warning that Azuga’s contracts last at least two or three years.

In summary, Azuga successfully merges all you expect from a fleet management platform while introducing gamification elements that enable fleet managers to improve driver behavior, increase efficiency, and reduce fuel and maintenance costs.


The next solution on our list, Motive, distinguishes itself by providing fast location refresh times, high-quality dashcams, and a solid warranty for its hardware.

These distinctions aside, Motive has all the features necessary for efficient fleet tracking and management, from live GPS tracking to fuel, maintenance, and compliance monitoring.

Source: Motive

Motive also provides AI-driven dashcams for driver safety, enabling fleet managers to get automated alerts of harsh driving or incidents within a few seconds.

Likewise, managers can view idle time for each fleet vehicle, and receive idling alerts when a vehicle is left running for an extended period.

This can help managers reduce fuel expenses and decrease engine wear and tear.

Source: Motive

As mentioned, Motive provides probably the fastest GPS location updates (1-3 seconds) compared to other solutions, which may be beneficial for time-sensitive tasks or tracking a stolen vehicle.

In addition, its hardware comes with a 5-year warranty while customers can also use third-party trackers with the Motive software platform.

Again, pricing details are not provided by Motive; instead, comparison sites list the monthly starting price of $25 per tracker.

However, unlike some other solutions, Motive does provide annual or monthly contracts and single-tier pricing for all its services, from fuel cards to driver safety tools.


Another user-friendly fleet telematics system on our list is Quartix, a UK-based company that provides fleet tracking and management solutions for businesses in various industries.

Quartix’s key features include:

  • real-time vehicle tracking
  • daily driver timesheets
  • driving style analysis
  • geofencing alerts
  • fleet management reporting

Here’s what they highlight as Quartix’s main benefits.

Source: Quartix

In terms of monitoring and improving driver behavior, Quartix provides detailed driver reports, alerts for fuel-wasting driving practices, and a scoreboard where drivers can check their position in the driver league table.

Compared to other solutions, Quartix lacks more extensive maintenance scheduling features.

At the same time, Quartix offers one of the lowest prices for vehicle tracking devices, which is achieved by providing trackers on a rental basis (instead of you owning them).

Expectedly, pricing is not specified on their website, where you can request a quote or demo, while other web sources list their starting price between $14.90 and $22.90 per vehicle per month.


Spireon is a North American company specializing in connected vehicle intelligence, i.e., real-time tracking of vehicles, equipment, trailers, and other mobile assets.

Spireon’s main fleet management app is FleetLocate, which ensures fleet, trailer, and asset managers will have the latest data, video, and insights needed to:

  • optimize route efficiency
  • improve driver safety
  • manage maintenance
  • ensure regulatory compliance

As advertised, Spireon’s FleetLocate app is a user-friendly but powerful fleet management solution that helps companies grow their business.

Source: Spireon

One interesting feature of FleetLocate is that it can seamlessly connect to preexisting tracking devices and sensors installed in most Ford and GM vehicles, giving fleet managers access to telematics data without using any additional hardware.

Source: Spireon

Alongside standard fleet telematics features like speed monitoring and geofencing, Spireon offers door lock/unlock functionalities and a fast, U.S.-based installation service.

Spireon does not provide specific pricing details so you have to contact them for a quote or a free demo.


Webfleet (formerly known as TomTom Telematics) is another fleet management solution provider owned by Bridgestone Corporation.

This software platform provides a range of standard fleet tracking and management features, including:

  • real-time vehicle tracking
  • fuel and maintenance optimization
  • workflow management
  • professional navigation
  • dynamic dispatching

In addition, instant and continuous communication with drivers is enabled by the messaging function provided in the Webfleet Work App.

Here’s a short video introducing what this app provides.

YouTube video
Source: Webfleet on YouTube

Webfleet’s app also provides managers with detailed reports about driver performance, enabling them to detect areas for improvement.

Naturally, the Work App is combined with their tracking devices, which enables a range of functionalities that you can see below.

Source: Webfleet

The cost of Webfleet depends on the number of tracked vehicles and the specific features you require, so they offer no pricing info.

However, external sources say pricing starts at $23.95 per vehicle per month.

They do offer a free demo and consultations, and highlight that their standard plan includes real-time tracking, fleet optimization (routing, idling, fuel economy), professional navigation, and mileage records (logbook).


The Canadian company Geotab has been present on the market for over 20 years, and its innovativeness has made it a global leader in telematics solutions.

Geotab’s key features include:

  • vehicle and driver tracking
  • fleet reports, routing, and dispatch
  • asset tracking and management

Additionally, its telematics trackers are connected to engine diagnostics, meaning fleet managers and drivers can receive alerts when any engine issues are detected.

Here’s how Geotab’s telematics works.

Source: Geotab

When combined with Geotab GO tracking devices, drivers can use the Geotab Drive App to log in and monitor their work hours while fleet managers get a driver safety scorecard that evaluates a range of driver behavior parameters.

As for pricing, Geotab provides very detailed telematics rate plan packages that explain what features are included in each plan, but do not specify the prices.

Source: Geotab

Therefore, as with most other solutions outlined in this article, you will have to contact Geotab with a sales inquiry or request a demo.

Other pricing sources state that Geotab requires a minimum 3-year contract while the price of their Geotab GO devices ranges from $30 and $40 per vehicle per month.


We’ll close this article by underlining that the fleet telematics systems presented here are ranked in no particular order, and meant only to inspire further online research, including leveraging free demos of your short-listed solutions.

It’s also wise to first determine what you actually want your telematics system to do, and what pricey features and add-ons are superfluous for the efficiency gains and cost savings you want to achieve in fleet management.

Therefore, it’s beneficial to have a list of questions for your potential providers, particularly regarding the basic and most powerful features and, naturally, their pricing.

We hope this article helps you find a user-friendly and affordable telematics system that will allow you to take your fleet management to the next level.

About GoCodes

GoCodes is the industry leader in tool tracking. We provide customers with the ultimate single vendor solution that includes cloud-based software, top-rated smartphone scanner apps and rugged QR code tags.

We pride ourselves on delivering a personalized service, cutting-edge technology and software that is easily used by your entire team.

GoCodes ensures our customers achieve success in their tool management projects every time.

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