No more missing


A complete tracking
solution that harnesses the
power of cloud software,
smartphone scanner apps
and patented QR code tags.

We make tool and equipment tracking easy!

This rugged tracking solution allows you to use your smartphone to check tools in and out and on-the-go. Easy-to-use inventory tracking reports help you manage theft and loss. GoCodes helps you run your business more easily and powerfully.

  • Hand Tools
  • Power Tools
  • Plant Equipment
  • Test Instruments
  • Airmover Fans
  • Geo Survey Inst.
  • HVAC Installations
  • AED
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Solar Equipment
  • Industrial Battery
  • Dehumidifier

Easy to Use

Ease-of-use is paramount in our design process. We make completing common tasks fast and enjoyable.

Tags Included

Our solution includes patented QR code tags, customized to your project specification, setup and ready-to-go.

GPS Tracking

Track the location of your assets as you scan the QR code tags with your smartphone. Then view their location using Google Maps.

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