GoCodes Developer API

Now you can bring the power and ease-of-use of GoCodes to your custom solutions. As a developer you need a powerful and easy to learn API. GoCodes delivers with a standards-based REST/JSON API that gives you complete control over your data

Now you can add real-time integration between your existing software and GoCodes. Whether you want to import/export your information, maintain your fixed-asset register, track GPS location information or view asset images we have you covered. Our easy-to-use REST/JSON API gives you access to all the feature you need to securely login, search for and update asset information on-the-fly.

Feature Summary

Our web-based API supports the following features the following simple REST/JSON requests:
  • Secure sign-in
  • Get user role
  • Wildcard search for assets
  • Get asset
  • Update asset
  • New asset
  • Delete asset
  • Copy asset
  • Swap asset
  • Check in asset
  • Check out asset
  • Update asset location
  • Update asset location real-time GPS
  • Get asset location
  • Get custom data field names
  • Get allowed values for standard and custom fields
  • Get image jpg
  • Delete picture
  • Update image binary
  • Update image base64
  • Update asset assignment options
  • Get asset type
  • Get visible columns
  • Add asset

The power of the GoCodes API is available to all Enterprise customers as well as custom solution providers.

We can provide a comprehensive suite of working test cases so you’re up and running fast.

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