Where Is It? – GPS Tracking Assets Using QR Barcodes and Smartphones

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If your company has many, many assets that are always on the go, tracking them can be a real challenge. Whether you are a school administration that regularly sends computers home with children or your employees carry tools and equipment with them wherever they go, knowing where your assets are is very important. That’s precisely why GPS tracking with QR barcodes and smartphones is such a huge benefit.

GPS Tracking Assets Using QR Barcodes and SmartphonesWhy Use QR Codes?

QR barcodes provide you with a wide variety of benefits over more traditional means of asset tracking. They hold much more information than a traditional barcode, and because your information is stored in the cloud, you can find out everything you need to know about a particular piece of equipment with just a single scan. All of the information is uploaded into a system that you can use to generate reports, too, which makes things simpler all around while saving you precious time and money. What’s more, since most smartphones have QR code readers built right in, it is incredibly convenient for everyone who uses it.

GPS and QR – The Perfect Pair

QR labels are highly customizable with information and different forms of technology. In fact, thousands of companies around the world have started implementing GPS tracking into their QR labels for an added layer of security. With this patented technology, you can place a GPS tracking device on each and every asset right along with your QR labels. Then, all you have to do is open an application on your desktop, tablet, or smartphone to find out exactly where your assets are.

How Does This Benefit You?

GPS tracking with QR barcodes and smartphones provide many benefits to companies in a variety of industries.

•School systems – If your school system loans computers or other equipment to students to use at home, GPS tracking will help resolve the issues associated with “lost” assets.

•Shipping companies – Shipping companies can apply QR labels to packages so that they know when their shipments leave facilities, and even if they are delivered. This helps reduce losses and fraudulent claims.

•Construction companies – Lost equipment is always a problem for construction and contracting companies. Thanks to QR barcodes with GPS, you’ll always know where your assets are.

•Trucking companies – You can always keep tabs on your fleet and know exactly where each of your trucks are, all with a simple glance.

The list goes on and on. If you have assets that often leave the premises, GPS tracking with QR codes and smartphones can save you thousands upon thousands of dollars per year. What’s more, it can help you recover stolen and lost items that you may otherwise have to replace.

GPS tracking is no longer just for automobiles and cellphones. Today, it is possible to incorporate a GPS tracking unit right into a QR label, making it easier than ever to get information about that particular asset – including its exact location at absolutely any point in time. All you need is a smartphone or a computer.

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