Tracking Heavy Equipment and Fleet Using GoCodes Real-Time GPS Tracker

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Projects that involve use of heavy equipment including constructions are high value and in 2016 involved an expenditure of $305 billion expenditure in the U.S. Industries that use heavy equipment or fleet of vehicles can range from construction industry that builds railways, dams, roads and buildings to geological surveying and fracking. The construction industry alone accounts for more than 4% of total GDP in the U.S.

Such industries need to maintain their assets including heavy equipment and fleet involving multiple vehicles.

Large and small-scale projects can involve both small components and large machinery or equipment including earth moving equipment, tunneling or drilling machines, material handling and so on.

using android hardware to gps track equipment Thefts or missing heavy equipment

Most such projects involving use of heavy equipment can be in remote areas where immediate access to internet, wires and cables can be difficult. It is difficult to track these assets at remote areas that can encounter hostile weather conditions. Because of the difficulty involved in asset tracking of heavy equipment, thefts are also common.

Thefts at such areas, particularly construction sites where heavy machinery is used, can cost anywhere between three hundred million to one billion to the nation as per the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) and National Equipment Register (NER) study. What is even more disturbing is that only 23% of the stolen equipment at such sites are ever recovered.

Some of the commonly stolen heavy equipment include excavators, loaders and tractors, Lack of documentation, absence of maintenance logs of each assets, inappropriate tags used for vehicle identification, difficulty in entering details of equipment manually are all factors that contribute to such losses.

Using GoCodes GPS for heavy assets

The ideal solution for such problems is to opt for intelligent asset tracking with GoCodes. At GoCodes you not only find it easy to generate customized QR codes for easy asset labelling, you can also download the free scanning app on your smartphone. With just a wave of the smartphone, it is easy for any worker at any location to enter in details of each asset no matter how remote the area is.

With GPS enabled on smartphones, every time a scan is performed, or a detail is entered, it is possible to track the real time location of each heavy equipment.

The added benefit of a cloud platform offers unlimited space for storage of endless data which makes it a cost-effective way for asset tracking and maintenance. GPS tracking ensures streamlining of the costs involved in maintenance of heavy equipment involved in projects such as fracking, drilling or civil engineering. GPS tracking is also the cheapest way to track the assets’ location as compared to other modes such as RFID or NFC.

 With high cost of replacing such heavy equipment that can go up to $150,000 or more, it makes perfect sense to invest in a very low-cost tracking system such as the one offered by GoCodes. With GoCodes GPS and QR code-based asset tracking, you will never lose track of any heavy equipment!

About GoCodes

GoCodes is the industry leader in tool tracking. We provide customers with the ultimate single vendor solution that includes cloud-based software, top-rated smartphone scanner apps and rugged QR code tags.

We pride ourselves on delivering a personalized service, cutting-edge technology and software that is easily used by your entire team.

GoCodes ensures our customers achieve success in their tool management projects every time.

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