Office Inventory Tracking? – Set Your Spring Cleaning Goal Today!

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Office Inventory Tracking? – Set Your Spring Cleaning Goal Today!

Now the weather is improving, it’s an ideal time to have a spring clean and get your office organized. Have you ever wondered how much equipment is stored in your company office? It’s more than you think. Once you start adding up the cost of the computers and peripherals, printers, furniture, office equipment, tools and like it can quickly run into thousands of dollars.

But like most companies, your’s probably loses equipment  from time to time. People leave the company, change roles, move equipment around and before you know it you are missing a few computers, tools etc. No idea where they are or what happened to them. It’s frustrating and costly.

Your not alone. There’s just no way to keep a track of your valuable assets without implementing some kind of inventory tracking system. Most of these systems are costly and complex to implement and mean working with multiple companies. That’s just not practical for many busy offices.

GoCodes can help. Our powerful, easy to use, single-vendor solution provides everything you need to get a system in place fast. We provide tough asset labels and cloud-based software that works on any computer or mobile device so your up and running fast. Want to print your own labels – you can do that too. It’s up to you.

Print your own custom QR labels? you can do that too with GoCodes.

Want to save some time and maybe some money? You can print your own labels too. If you choose that option, you design your custom label, add your logo and we do the hard-work of generating the pdf file for you to print. Each label has the unique GoCodes QR code, so you get all the same benefits.

Is there a downside? Sure, printing your own light-weight labels means lower print quality, indoor use only and they can peel off over time. But for some applications that’s not a problem. If you have questions, give us a call and we can recommend the best solution for your requirements.




About GoCodes

GoCodes is the industry leader in tool tracking. We provide customers with the ultimate single vendor solution that includes cloud-based software, top-rated smartphone scanner apps and rugged QR code tags.

We pride ourselves on delivering a personalized service, cutting-edge technology and software that is easily used by your entire team.

GoCodes ensures our customers achieve success in their tool management projects every time.

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