Roll Out the Barrel: Brewers Use Smartphones and QR Codes for Tracking

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Just about everyone enjoys a nice, cold beer from time to time, but few people actually put much thought into the amount of time and effort it takes to get that brew just right. Fortunately, many brewers across the country have discovered just how helpful smartphones and QR codes can be.

Perfect Brews Every Time 

Micro brewerThe thing about QR codes is that they can store far more information than a traditional barcode, which makes them ideal for keeping track of just about anything and everything. Want to know how long those hops have been soaking? Just scan the code, and you’ll know instantly. There’s no second-guessing anything, which makes it easier for you to better control the brewing process. This is especially true for new recipes that you haven’t yet perfected; you can store your results and compare the quality after each batch using nothing more than your smartphone and some QR codes.

Real-Time Inventory Tracking

Another great reason for brewers to consider using QR codes and smartphones comes down to inventory tracking. If you’re keeping track of stock that you sell directly to the public or to other businesses, knowing what you have and what you don’t is very important. QR codes make it easy to find out how much of a particular product you have, when more will be coming in, and even how much you are paying for either your ingredients or your brews. What’s more, the tracking software makes it easy for you to run reports at a glance and see where you can improve your inventory.

Keeping Track of Kegs

Many brewers are more than happy to provide kegs to those who want to celebrate, throw a party, and provide refreshments to their guests. However, kegs can get expensive to replace, and keeping track of them has always been a matter of taking deposits and writing down names or addresses. These days, you can add GPS tracking to your QR codes and know exactly where each keg is at any given time. It drastically reduces the likelihood of your kegs being lost, stolen, or simply forgotten, and it provides you with excellent peace of mind at the same time.

Cheaper and More Effective Than Alternatives 

It’s true that brewers have many different options available to them when it comes to asset tracking and inventory management, but none are as convenient or as cost-effective as QR codes and smartphones. After all, you carry your smartphone in your pocket anyway, and the ability to get information as quickly as you can scan a code is certainly quite efficient. What’s more, you don’t have to pay for expensive barcode scanners or readers, which can save your company hundreds of dollars. It’s far simpler than using things like spreadsheets and written lists, which are easily lost.

Using QR codes and smartphones for tracking inventory, managing assets, and even perfecting your brewing process is both simple and effective. It’ll save you money over time, and the ability to have the information you need available to you at a glance will forever change the way you do business.

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