Now You Can Track Theatre Props and Costumes Using QR Codes

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Whether you work in a school’s drama department or for a private theatrical group, your props and costumes are vital to entertaining the crowds. In some cases, props and costumes are donated, but in others, they’re made with plenty of hard work or even purchased directly from suppliers. Being able to keep track of props and costumes with QR codes saves your group money, and this means you’ll be able to put more toward what you do best – entertaining.

What Do You Have? track props and staging with qr codes and an app

If you’re putting on a play for a large crowd, you’ll need to know which props and costumes you have on hand so you can decide what you’ll need to make or otherwise obtain. For example, you may need several long, blonde wigs, and if you don’t know how many you currently have, you may over- or under-purchase, which can create some headaches come show time. QR codes make things simple by allowing you to scan a code with your smartphone for an item or item category to see how many you have and how many you need. It takes the guesswork out of obtaining the right props and costumes to make your show a hit.

Where’s That Costume?

A single costume can make or break an important performance. If you’re playing Alice in Wonderland, everything from the hair accessories to the shoes and apron must be impeccably made and detailed. It isn’t uncommon for costumes to pass through many hands while they’re being made; someone must obtain the fabric, someone must measure the actor, and someone must sew the pieces together and ensure a proper fit. QR codes can assist you throughout this entire process by allowing you to see where the costume is at every stage. Everyone simply scans the code when they receive it, then updates the information when they pass it along to someone else.

Has That Costume Been Cleaned?

Many props and costumes can be reused over and over again, which saves time and money in the long run. It’s important that costumes are cleaned to protect them; many can be washed in a machine, and others require dry cleaning. If you’re curious as to whether an item was properly cleaned, a simple scan can give you that information. Just pick up your phone, scan the code, and review the information. You can see everything from the date it was cleaned to the person responsible for cleaning it, depending on the information put in by each person.

Who Has the Prop?

Many of the props you see in theatrical productions were specially made by carpenters, blacksmiths, or even 3D printers. Much like costumes, these props pass through many hands during their manufacturing process, and even afterward as they’ll need to be maintained, cleaned, and perhaps modified to suit different plays and productions. A QR code can show you who’s responsible for that prop, and if you pair it up with a GPS tracking device, you can even locate that prop in real time.

Props and costumes are important to the success of a theatrical production. Without them, it’s difficult for the audience to truly imagine the actors in their roles. With QR codes and smartphone apps, you can keep track of your inventory in real time, which saves you money and ensures the best possible performances.

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