Coordinate and Track Equipment Maintenance and Inspections Using an App

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Regardless of the industry, chances are good that you rely on some sort of equipment to do your job. Maintaining and inspecting that equipment is vital to your success; after all, you can’t perform a service with equipment that doesn’t work as it should. These days, a simple smartphone app can help you coordinate and keep track of equipment maintenance and make your job a lot simpler.

Coordination at its Best 

If you are responsible for a fleet of vans that all carry construction tools to and from job sites each day, there are some difficulties involved in coordinating equipment maintenance without hindering your employees’ ability to do their jobs. For example, if one of your employees’ scaffolding is due for inspection, but that employee needs his scaffolding to carry out his job for the day, you’ve already run into a significant problem. Using QR codes and a smartphone app offers unprecedented coordination. If all your equipment is tagged, and if all your employees have the app installed on their devices, it’s easy to remind your employees of inspections ahead of time. This gives them an opportunity to swap their equipment as needed to get the job done.

Catch Problems Early 

Equipment that hasn’t been properly maintained can post a threat to health and safety. With many traditional methods, which often include taking written notes and entering them into a database, it’s easy to accidentally skip maintenance on one or more pieces of equipment. It’s also quite common for numbers to get transposed, which can cause some equipment miss out on vital inspections and maintenance. Fortunately, when you choose to install QR codes on your various pieces of equipment, you can program maintenance reminders. This way, you and your employees can make sure that every ladder, power tool, and/or vehicle gets the maintenance it needs on time, every time.

Access Data in Real Time – From Anywhere

One of the best benefits associated with using an app and QR codes to track equipment maintenance is the fact that you can run reports anywhere you have an internet connection. You’ll get fast, accurate results in real time, which can help you make better decisions about your business. For example, if you have an employee going on vacation, you can use the app to discover whether any of his equipment or his particular vehicle is due for maintenance and inspection. Scheduling that maintenance and inspection during the employee’s vacation can save you time and money. These inspections won’t interfere with that employee’s ability to do the job at hand, and his equipment will be ready to go when he goes back to work.

Being able to keep track of equipment maintenance and inspection schedules is important for your business, no matter what sort of industry you’re in. It gives you the tools you need to make better decisions about how and when to perform that maintenance, and it also allows you to avoid mistakes that cost you in the end.

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