I Lost my Phone – 5 Simple Steps Get it Back, Fast!

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1) Call your lost phone

2) Be a detective, retrace you movements

3) Check common places

4) Use your phones GPS tracking service

5) Call you cell phone carrier

 1) Call your lost phone

First, use another phone to call yours! Make sure you use a phone that's mobile. That way you can walk around your home, place of work, or mall while listening for your phone to ring or vibrate. Make sure you walk a circuit several times over, as your calls may roll to voice mail. Better still enlist your friends and family to help.

2) Be a detective, retrace you movements

As soon as possible, retrace your movements carefully, step by step. Did you visit the bathroom, laundry room or did you outside? It's amazing how easy it is to put your phone down for a moment – and forget to pick it back up. We've all done it. Breathe slowly to lower your heart-rate, and bring you to center where you can sort through your thoughts and figure out just when you last used it.

3) Check common places

Check jackets, pockets, handbags, bags, rucksacks and purses. Ask yourself whether you changed jackets, changed gym wear or used another bag. It's hard to remember what we had for breakfast, let alone what we wore to the gym at 5 a.m. which makes it easy where we stored our phone. If the phone is still missing, try looking down the sides of your car seats, or sofas, you'd be surprised how phones can slide. If you are traveling, you should also check nearby lost and found services.

4) Use your phones GPS tracking service

If you enabled or subscribed for a GPS tracking service, look up the details, if you can’t remember check your email account for the registration information and work from there. If you did subscribe for one, give it a try you may be able to pinpoint its location. Be careful though that time can be crucial as once the battery is dead it’s not going to work.

5) Call you cell phone carrier

Sometimes the cell phone carrier can track down the approximate location of the phone while it still has battery power. If you knew it was at home, or in your work environment, you'll know that there's a good chance you'll get it back

Found phone? Take Steps to Avoid Future Phone Loss.

5 Steps to Prevent Phone Loss Stress

1) Join GoCodes lost and found service and label your phone:

We provide a valuable service to make it easier for the finder to return your phone, with custom rewards, instant notifications, GPS maps and a choice of colors, were the leading in lost and found labels. So why not sign-up today, it’s free to start. After all, what have you got to lose?

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2) Enable or subscribe to a GPS location service

3) Consider insurance from your wireless carrier

4) Ensure sure you lock your phone with a good PIN code

5) Backup you phones information (and make regular backups or automatically backup to the cloud)

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