About GoCodes

Imagine a better asset tracking system – One that’s easier and more affordable than you ever thought possible

Keeping it Simple During our product design process, we learned that most asset tracking systems suffer from software-bloat, a layering of many features designed to meet the needs of a wide range of customers with multiple conflicting requirements. To the customer, this is like sitting in front of the flight panel on an airbus – it’s overwhelming and interferes with even the most common of tasks. We keep it simple. GoCodes provides a targeted solution that focuses on helping the user quickly track assets and manage inventory. 

Who We Are When QR codes exploded onto the scene in 2011 our founders were intrigued by the potential applications outside of brand-marketing. They saw an opportunity to create a new class of business tools which creatively harnessed the power of QR codes, the proliferation of mobile devices, and the affordability & flexibility of cloud-based software.  Over many months they designed a new generation of asset tracking tools, one that could be used by everyday businesses and organizations lacking dedicated IT support.

Since its founding, the first consumer system was launched in January 2012 and the Asset Management system was launched in December 2012. The company was featured on the US hit TV show ‘I want that’ in May 2013 and has received regular praise from users and journalists. A patent was granted in 2014.

Patented Technology As part of this approach, we provide our customers with high-security globally unique identification labels that feature our patented QR code technology with GPS tracking. This technology significantly reduces the likelihood of assets becoming lost, misplaced, or stolen. In fact, an independent field trial has demonstrated that over 50% of assets lost are recovered with the GoCodes system.

Giving Back GoCodes founders believe that all organizations have a responsibility that extends beyond the interests of customers, employees, and investors. They have supported the Tennson Center for Children for 16 years through an annual owners’ christmas gifting.

Future Today GoCodes serves thousands of customers around the world from the Americas to New Zealand. As we grow and develop our services we will never lose sight of our mission to address our customers’ asset management challenges with a powerful, affordable, and easy-to-use solution.