About GoCodes

Founded in Minnesota, USA, GoCodes has more than a decade’s experience working with asset and inventory management and is used by customers all over the world.

Since inception, our diverse team has worked together on one central objective: to effortlessly blend superior technology development with simplicity-of-use, so that anyone, anywhere, can use GoCodes to achieve their asset and inventory management goals.

Today, GoCodes is a proud leader in innovative software for asset and inventory tracking, with a laser focus on solving the challenges of tools and equipment businesses, educational organizations, and offices. We get the problems; we offer the solution.

A true single-vendor solution, we continue to build on our cutting-edge technology that includes our patented QR tags, GPS location tracking and anonymous secure messaging, for example. As we head towards our 13th birthday, we are pleased to announce our newest developments including our Bluetooth trackers and the GoCodes Guardian feature.

And because we care about our customers, GoCodes continues to prioritize our exceptional customer service, that sets us apart from everyone else.

Thank you for choosing GoCodes!