8 Best GPS Fleet Tracking Systems

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So, you’ve decided to take the leap and equip your fleet with a GPS tracking system?

That’s a smart move.

However, we do understand that embarking on your search for the right system may seem daunting and overwhelming at first, especially with the wide variety of options currently available on the market.

With so many device types, features, and pricing plans to choose from, how do you find the perfect fit?

Fear not, because we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we delve into eight efficient tracking systems, exploring their hardware options, software features, pricing, and much more, all aimed at helping you gain a better understanding of what to look for.

Let’s jump right in!


GoCodes is a comprehensive asset management solution that extends beyond mere fleet tracking, helping you keep tabs on and manage anything, from heavy-duty machinery to the tiniest of tools.

Our battery-powered GPS trackers are ideally suited for larger, more valuable assets that are always on the move.


Because these trackers provide minute-by-minute information about equipment location, vehicle speed, engine hours, acceleration, harsh braking, and more.

Source: GoCodes

With such detailed, real-time insights, effective resource allocation and maximizing uptime becomes a breeze.  

But our system isn’t just focused on optimizing equipment utilization.

GoCodes GPS tracking devices also help prevent theft through geofencing technology.

Here’s how it works:

Using our software, you establish boundaries on a virtual map that your assets are prohibited from crossing—these are known as geofences.

Source: GoCodes

Then, our trackers vigilantly monitor the movements of tagged machines, immediately notifying you should they venture beyond their designated area.

Now, for smaller assets, or those that stay in one place for longer periods, GoCodes’ QR code labels are a more practical and cost-effective solution.

Source: GoCodes

They are attached to your tools or machinery and then scanned with our mobile app to view or update asset information.

This way, you can:

  • Establish an efficient and reliable asset check-in/check-out system
  • Access asset information such as warranty details, maintenance history, current user, project, or location
  • Assign equipment or specific tasks related to equipment to your workers

Plus, every time you scan the labels, the location of the update is recorded as well.

This means that, even without GPS trackers, you still get near real-time information about your assets’ whereabouts.

As for pricing, we offer several service plans, the details of which are provided below.

Source: GoCodes

Each plan includes light-duty poly labels, software, and the app, with the option to purchase real-time tracking devices separately.

Overall, with GoCodes, you get a unified solution for managing all types of assets, eliminating the need for purchasing, integrating, and learning how to use multiple systems.


Experience GoCodes firsthand with our 15-day free trial and see if it truly aligns with your needs.


GPSWOX is a versatile fleet management solution serving over 120 countries worldwide, helping them manage not only vehicles but also assets such as cargo, boats, and bicycles.

Compatible with a diverse range of GPS trackers, their software offers all the essential features necessary for effective fleet control.

Source: GPSWOX

Think real-time location monitoring, fuel consumption tracking, geofencing, notifications for unauthorized usage, and robust reporting capabilities.

Particularly noteworthy is their maintenance scheduling feature, which factors in variables like mileage, time intervals, and operational hours.

With this feature, you ensure workers never skip equipment upkeep and inspections, minimize unplanned downtime, and keep your valuable assets in tip-top shape for much longer.

When it comes to pricing, GPSWOX is very flexible with its pay-for-what-you-need approach.

Source: GPSWOX

They allow users to tailor the packages to their own needs by selecting add-ons (such as daily automatic backup, website development and hosting services, and SSL certificates), apps, and the number of assets they want to track.

Ultimately, GPSWOX is quite a cost-effective and customizable fleet management solution, adaptable to a variety of needs and budgets.

So, for those considering GPSWOX, a generous 30-day free trial is available, enabling users to evaluate the platform with up to 15 GPS trackers and explore all its features and apps.


When it comes to fleet management services, Samsara stands out as a well-known and trusted global leader, serving a diverse range of industries including construction, education, transportation, and food and beverage.

This isn’t surprising at all, since Samsara offers so much more than just GPS tracking.

It provides a suite of products for comprehensive fleet control, such as dashcams, wireless sensors, and paper digitization tools.

Source: Samsara

The software itself sticks out among the competitors, too, boasting capabilities like real-time traffic updates, route optimization, unnecessary stop monitoring, and fuel waste reports.

Not to mention that they offer seamless integration with a variety of OEMS and apps as well.

As per their own website, this extensive range of features, integrations, hardware, and applications positions Samsara as an invaluable resource for any fleet team out there.

Source: Samsara

Now, let’s talk pricing.

While specific details aren’t listed on their website, Samsara operates on a model comprising two elements: upfront hardware costs and a monthly subscription fee.

Prospective customers can obtain a quote through a contact portal, where they provide basic fleet information before being contacted by Samsara’s sales team and receiving a price tailored to their unique needs and fleet size.

Feedback from various online forums, however, suggests Samsara may lean towards the pricier side, although this remains unconfirmed.

Luckily, they offer a 30-day free trial, with the option to extend if needed, ensuring customers can fully explore the system before committing to a purchase.


Linxup provides a comprehensive GPS fleet tracking solution for fleets of all sizes, consisting of real-time GPS trackers and cloud-based software accessible via desktop, phone, or tablet.

In terms of hardware, they actually offer several types of GPS tracking devices including OBD plug-in, wire-in, and J-Bus trackers.

Source: Linxup

And if that isn’t enough for your specific fleet needs, worry not.

They also provide dash cams, ELD solutions, and mini trackers, all available for an additional monthly fee.

The software itself is feature-rich, offering:

  • real-time location monitoring,
  • geofencing,
  • driver performance reports,
  • idle time tracking,
  • configurable text alerts, as well as
  • an automated IFTA reporting add-on.

But that’s not all.

The system also sends alerts for diagnostic trouble codes, tracks maintenance schedules, sends scheduled service reminders, and maintains upkeep history.

Source: Linxup

So, if you’re working on stepping up your asset maintenance game in particular, Linxup is definitely a solution worth looking into.

Few other systems have so many maintenance-focused capabilities.

Regarding pricing, you’ll need to fill out an online form to request a quote, just like with Samsara.

Typically, with a contract, you may receive some hardware for free or at a discounted price, depending on the length of the contract.

For example, with a 3-year contract, plug-in trackers are completely free, while with a 2-year contract, they are priced at $29.99 per piece (+$25.00/month service), and with no contract, they are $69.99 per piece (also requiring an additional $25.00/month for service).

Overall, Linxup is often praised for its user-friendly integration, installation, and use, as well as its plethora of useful features.

Besides, their website features a neat ROI calculator that estimates potential savings from using the Linxup tracking solution.

Keep in mind, however, that Linxup trackers work only in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and some parts of the Caribbean.

Rhino Fleet Tracking

Rhino Fleet Tracking offers a cloud-based software solution alongside a diverse range of GPS tracking devices or vehicles, trailers, and other types of equipment.

These trackers come in both installed and battery-powered variants, all covered by a one-year warranty.

Source: Rhino Fleet Tracking

Among the software’s standout features are:

  • Garmin integration,
  • geofence breach or after-hours usage alerts,
  • speeding notifications,
  •  detailed route history monitoring,
  • idling reports, and
  • online GPS tracking history for up to a year.

Another thing worth mentioning is their Driver Scorecard add-on.

It evaluates drivers based on performance metrics of your choosing and notifies you of any deviations from established driving standards.

Yet, Rhino Fleet Tracking’s hallmark lies in its unwavering dedication to client satisfaction.

They go above and beyond by providing complimentary system training, expert installation assistance, and customer support available round the clock.

Source: Rhino Fleet Tracking

Plus, they regularly check in with their clients to ensure smooth operation and address any emerging needs proactively.

Regarding pricing, this is yet another quote-based solution but, according to their website, Rhino Fleet tracking system starts at a rate of $21.95 per month.

Interested parties can also request a free online demonstration to explore the features further.

Notably, this solution doesn’t require contracts, and they offer flexible seasonal plans, enabling fleet managers to use the system only when they actually need it.

This flexibility caters particularly well to businesses with fluctuating demand and dynamic project schedules.


The primary aim of GpsGate, as stated on their website, is to empower users to “feel in control and make better decisions” regarding their fleets.  

They offer both cloud-based and on-premise systems, both of which support thousands of types of GPS trackers from all the major manufacturers.

The system itself provides a plethora of features aimed at optimizing every facet of fleet management.

You can see some of them below.

Source: GpsGate

But this isn’t where the solution’s capabilities end.

Leveraging its REST API functionality and compatibility with established languages like JavaScript, users can extend its capabilities infinitely, tailoring it to their specific needs.

Besides, the same REST API framework lets you integrate with a diverse array of systems, including ERP, payroll, billing, ESRI, and ArcGIS.

Pricing is straightforward, with two options available depending on whether you opt for cloud-based or on-premise solutions.

Source: GpsGate

For cloud-based subscriptions, there’s also a 30-day free trial featuring a device simulator, enabling users to test the solution even if they don’t own the hardware yet.

So, if flexibility and scalability are an absolute must for you, GpsGate could be an ideal choice.

It offers customizable reports, seamless integration with various systems, compatibility with a range of maps and trackers, and the ability to personalize the system itself.

However, you’ll need to purchase the hardware separately from another vendor, as they don’t sell their own.

One Step GPS

One Step GPS is a 100% web-based solution accessible via both mobile and desktop, eliminating the need for additional software or apps.

As for hardware, prospective customers have the option of selecting either plug-in devices or hard-wired ones, both with their own built-in data plan at no extra cost.

Source: One Step GPS

In terms of note-worthy features, One Step GPS offers an array of over 27 alert types and reports concerning vehicle performance and driver behavior.

Examples include notifications for:

  • Speeding
  • Device disconnection
  • Home visits
  • Excessive engine idling
  • Geofence entry or exit
  • Potential accidents
  • Low fuel
  • Overheating, and more.

So, how much does it cost?

Well, pricing is remarkably affordable at $13.95 per month per vehicle, with no contracts, cancellation fees, or equipment charges, along with a 100-day money-back guarantee.

Plus, shipping is free, and the trackers come with a lifetime warranty.

Therefore, for those seeking a simple and cost-effective fleet control system, particularly to address unsafe driving habits or inefficient practices, One Step GPS just might be the answer.

If you’re among them, consider requesting a free demo to experience the system firsthand.

InTouch GPS

Assisting fleets in cost reduction since 2007, InTouch GPS offers a variety of hardware options, including lightweight asset trackers, rugged and weatherproof trailer trackers, ELDs, and dash cameras, catering to various needs and tasks.

Source: InTouch GPS

Alongside real-time location monitoring, their software delivers instant alerts via email or text for speeding, prolonged idling, or unauthorized vehicle departures from job sites.

This makes it ideal for those wanting to protect their assets from theft or misuse.

On top of that, InTouch GPS makes resource allocation much easier and more effective.

The system lets you set up customized groups and divisions for your fleet, and assign specific vehicles to particular workers or projects, granting you greater control over asset distribution.

Source: InTouch GPS

The pricing for this system is, yet again, quote-based.

To find out the price, you can reach out either via phone or contact form on their website.

However, they do offer some flexibility with their month-to-month service and a 30-day money-back guarantee—no binding contracts involved.

Now, if the main goal for your fleet tracking solution is boosting the maintenance process, InTouch GPS may not fit the bill due to its absence of maintenance-related features.

Nevertheless, for those aiming to optimize efficiency, curtail operational and payroll expenses, and streamline workforce management with a budget-friendly solution, InTouch GPS is worth considering.


Ultimately, when on a hunt for an ideal fleet tracking system, the key is to take your own unique needs and circumstances into consideration.

So, before choosing a system, or even beginning your research, take some time to jot down your budget, goals for the solution, and the must-have features.

As you navigate through options, consider factors such as ease of use and installation, quality of customer support, and whether a free trial is available.

Oh, and don’t underestimate the power of online reviews. They offer valuable insights beyond what software providers present on their websites.

Once you’re confident in your choice—and only then—proceed with the purchase and get ready to unlock all the benefits this amazing technology offers.

Good luck!

About GoCodes

GoCodes is the industry leader in tool tracking. We provide customers with the ultimate single vendor solution that includes cloud-based software, top-rated smartphone scanner apps and rugged QR code tags.

We pride ourselves on delivering a personalized service, cutting-edge technology and software that is easily used by your entire team.

GoCodes ensures our customers achieve success in their tool management projects every time.

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