See What's Brewing with Asset Tracking For Rental Coffee Machines

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The need for asset tracking in renting coffee machines

Coffee machines have become a staple of most modern domestic, commercial and corporate spaces. There are a wide variety of coffee machines of various specifications and brewing categories. In today’s time of diverse corporate refreshments needs and third-party office space providers, leasing or renting coffee machines makes more sense than buying one. It is not only more economical but also comes with technical support in case of damage or malfunctioning. Coffee renting companies and leasing services today are on the growth. Their customer base is on the rise, and they are distributing their products on wider networks. Having stringent asset tracking systems are a must in this industry.

Renting of coffee machines have a few steps that are to be managed efficiently-

  • Identifying and categorizing the various coffee machines.
  • Tagging each coffee machine with barcodes or QR codes.
  • Identifying and categorizing the various customers like corporate offices, domestic spaces, private events, etc.
  • Cataloging and scheduling deliveries.
  • Maintaining a database of all the information.

The above activities call for efficient equipment tracking and monitoring practices. Traditional and manual methods are extremely labor-intensive and time-consuming for this fast-paced industry. With modern technologies like GPS, QR and barcode scanning, cloud database and smartphone support, managing and tracking of coffee machines can be a simple and efficient activity. Coffee machine renting companies can even employ the services of professional asset tracking services like GoCodes to incorporate affordable and flexible asset tracking capabilities.

Benefits of asset tracking technologies

As mentioned above, in the coffee machine renting industry there is a constant movement of assets. Coffee machines need to be checked-in/checked-out, there is inventory to be accounted for, and delivery schedules must be maintained. The major benefits of using modern technologies in tracking these assets are mentioned below.

  • Using QR and barcodes- Coffee machines can be tagged with QR code and barcode stickers which can convey a lot of information when scanned. You can code data like delivery schedules, designated owner, product specification and designated location all on a simple sticker. Using current smartphone technology, one can easily scan the coffee machine and collect the necessary information.
  • GPS tracking- Efficient and on-time delivery of a product is a vital aspect of any renting service. By incorporating GPS tracking features in your coffee machine delivery system, customers can keep a live watch on the delivery being made. This results in greater assurance and confirmation that the delivery has been made. RFID checkpoints can be used to auto-detect if the coffee machines have reached the venue or successfully returned.
  • Using cloud database- Gone are the days of hefty physical records and paper manuals. BY shifting to a cloud-based data storage system all the business and operation related documents like delivery schedules, operation manuals, transaction records, customer details and other data can be shifted to a central system that is accessible anywhere and at any time. By having a smartphone compatible dashboard system all the asset tracking details and inventory data can be viewed on the go.
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