You’ve Got the Power! Track Renewable Energy Equipment Using QR Codes

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Renewable energy is important to the future of the planet. After all, fossil fuels are finite, and they won’t last forever. If you’re a provider of renewable energy equipment such as solar panels and wind turbines, or if you use that equipment yourself, you know that your investment is worth a pretty penny. Fortunately, you can use QR codes to track that equipment, and this can benefit you in many ways.

Know What You Have – and What You Don’t Track renewable energy assets using qr codes and apps

Being able to generate energy from the rays of the sun or the power of the wind can save consumers money and protect the planet. Whether you lease this equipment or use it yourself, it’s important to know what you have in stock to prevent setbacks. QR codes provide you with everything you need to see what you have and what you don’t on demand. For example, if a client wishes to install a dozen solar panels of a certain size, a quick scan of a QR code can show you how many you have, and it can even show you the purchase or lease price, which makes it easy for you to provide quotes.

Keep Up with Maintenance and Inspections

The equipment that generates renewable energy must be inspected and maintained regularly to work at maximum efficiency. Solar panels, whether they’re installed on a rooftop or on the ground, must be cleaned from time to time to absorb the sun’s energy. It’s also important to maintain any electrical lines and batteries associated with the system. Wind turbines are much the same; they require lubrication and regular inspection for things like frayed wires and worn parts. A quick scan of a QR code can bring up an entire maintenance and inspection history, which takes guesswork out of the equation.

Improve Customer Service 

Helping consumers and business owners choose the right renewable energy equipment is very important to your ability to provide customer service. For this reason, QR codes are very helpful. With a quick scan, it’s possible to bring up all the information you need on a piece of equipment. You can see when it was manufactured, how much energy it can produce, the maintenance requirements, the cost, and even the ideal conditions for installation and use.

Deters Theft and May Reduce Insurance Costs

Adding GPS tracking to your QR codes can provide additional benefits, too. First and foremost, it can deter the theft of these pieces of equipment, which can go a long way toward saving consumers money. What’s more, GPS tracking codes may save you money on insurance premiums since it improves the odds of recovering that equipment. If the equipment is being leased to a homeowner or business owner, and if the homeowner’s or property insurance covers damage and theft, then your clients may also benefit from the savings on insurance premiums.

The renewable energy movement is one of many designed to help beautify and protect the Earth. Providing solar and wind energy equipment to consumers is rewarding, but QR codes can make it simpler, easier, and more effective than ever before.

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