What is IT ASSET MANAGEMENT and How can it help save more than just money

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Asset management can be an increasing and nagging pain as your company experiences growth. It may become difficult to tackle the growing challenges without the proper processes and management software in place. Just like other firms, advertising firms and creative software houses may experience the same problem with asset management. But how do you manage your digital assets?

The Brief on Digital Asset Management (IT ASSET MANAGEMENT)

IT Asset Management Using QR CodesIT ASSET MANAGEMENT is when you have a management system for storing, retrieving, organizing and sharing digital files. Many software production houses and advertising firms have processes that they have developed over time for producing top notch mobile applications and marketing campaigns. They even have key insights and other market research data which they have to use as a reference and raw material for their ongoing projects.

The data that is stored in this system includes photographs, documents like presentations and annual reports, videos and audio. This information can be stored, organized, shared and retrieved with the use of the cloud IT ASSET MANAGEMENT software for key stakeholders in the businesses. These stakeholders are the contractors, employees, customers (ecommerce interfaces) Advanced options in IT ASSET MANAGEMENT software allow brand building and maintenance; with the options of usage tracking, ecommerce and more.

Is there more to it than saving money?

Of course (direct) money saving is a given with these cloud based systems in place. If you’re an advertising firm, pictures and videos, stock or other-wise need to be purchased. By using a IT ASSET MANAGEMENT system, these files can be stored and so can their appropriate licensing rights (these rights can also be tracked). This means that you don’t have to spend hard earned revenue on repurchasing these assets for your company.

It’s a Huge time saver

IT ASSET MANAGEMENT saves the amount of time that your employees spend on searching for files and other relevant information for their projects. This indirectly saves money and directly saves time. All that information can be retrieved from a central management system, and the employees can get right on the project plan.

Boost in productivity

Your employees don’t have to rework on a process for developing an app, for example, and follow the previous process that proved successful or at least use it as a reference going forward. This allows higher productivity. More time spent thinking and working on the direct needs of the project and the immediate deliverables means that your employees provide more value to the firm. If you get consistent progress and success on your project by using the processes and insights stored on your IT ASSET MANAGEMENT system, it leaves a good impression on your customers and they are likely to work with you again.

Removes the need for duplication

You don’t have to store your files anywhere for reconversion later. These files can be converted directly to the desired format and used in production. There’s absolutely no need for duplication due to different formats.

If you wish to have cloud based IT ASSET MANAGEMENT software for your software management company, feel free to contact us at GoCodes Total Asset Management.

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