What are QR Codes For?

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QR codes or quick response codes can be seen almost anywhere today. They are essentially barcodes in the form of a two-dimensional square. You can see them on flyers, magazines, online wallets, computers, and so on.

QR codes enable digital interaction on the go. If you have ever used a QR code, you may have observed that once you scan a QR code with your mobile, you get access to certain types of content.

For instance, consider an online wallet. Each vendor that uses an online wallet for transactions has a specific QR code. When you scan this QR code using your mobile, you get access to the vendor’s name and the number to which you have to make the payment. All this data is available at your disposal.

From this example, it is safe to say that QR codes enables you to access content on any entity using just your smartphone.

qr code tracking toolsHow are QR codes being used?

Today, QR codes are being widely used as a marketing tool. This is because it is an effective way to reach out to a number of prospective clients. Also, a QR code has versatility when it comes to the type of information it can store.

You can store contact details, product information, dates, promotions, and so much more in a simple two-dimensional barcode. All customers have to do is to scan these codes using their smartphones. This is an appealing aspect of marketing to customers because it enhances user experience as well as the efficiency of marketing.

For brands, QR codes are the ultimate way to create a virtual identity. Customizing QR codes for marketing campaigns is very common these days especially because these codes can tell a unique story. How a brand utilizes QR codes is an indicator of how effective their marketing is. Customers are instantly engaged with your brand through QR codes which means that it is easier to engage them with promotional offers and marketing messages, provided they strike the right chord.

In addition to this, QR codes are low-cost solutions that have a broad range of applications. This makes it even more lucrative for marketing departments as most marketing campaigns cost a huge chunk of the allocated budgets.

QR codes cost less in terms of investment and bring twice the engagement as compared to many other marketing tools.

Also, QR codes are a form of asset tracking. This means that with QR codes, it is easy to identify how and where these codes were scanned. Each time a potential customer scans these codes, information about location, time, and the type of device is entered into a centralized database. This makes it easy for marketing personnel to trace the success of their marketing campaigns. You have instant access to how many people viewed your campaign and the number of engagements it generated. The best part is that all of these functions are performed in real-time. This further increases the efficiency of marketing campaigns and how QR codes are used.

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