Track Your Civil Engineering Project Heavy Equipment Using QR Code Tags

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Civil engineering projects in the U.S. resulted in $305 billion expenditure in 2016. Involving large scale construction of dams, buildings, facilities such as railroads, airports, harbors, laying of pipelines and sewage systems. Civil engineering tasks are complex. The construction sector contributed at least 4% to the GDP in the U.S.

With growing emphasis on infrastructure development and newer projects being taken up, civil engineering is one of the most happening areas in the U.S.

Civil engineering involves equipment for both small and large-scale projects. Some of these can include large earth moving equipment, material handling and construction equipment, tunneling machines, and multiple smaller components.

Thefts at Construction Sites can be Costly

Because most equipment are rented or are at remote locations, they can be difficult to track on site or monitor from remote locations after work hours. According to a study jointly conducted by the National Equipment Register (NER) and National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) thefts at a construction site can cost anywhere between $300 million to $1 billion to the nation. And only 23% of these are ever traced or recovered by law enforcement agencies.

In 2014, 11,625 pieces of civil engineering equipment were stolen. The types of equipment stolen included heavy machineries such as tractors, excavators and loaders! The high value of these equipment and difficulty in tracking them in remote locations are some reasons that contribute to their being stolen. Experts cite lack of documentation; missing records of assets and inappropriate equipment identification tags are other reasons why such equipment can be easily stolen.

gps track civil engineering equipmentUse QR Codes to Track Assets

One of the ways you can prevent such costly thefts from happening is to invest in intelligent asset tracking from GoCodes. To be clearly identifiable, each piece of equipment and individual components that can be removed need to have unique identification tags. This is exactly what you can get at GoCodes! Using our QR code generator, you can easily generate and print endless amounts of unique and customized QR tags for each of your components and equipment.

The QR code scanning app is also free on our site and easy to download on Android or iOS platforms.

With the added benefit of cloud software, any construction worker can tag the component and scan the QR code using his or her smartphone. The data of each part is stored in a centralized cloud platform making it easy for managers to access and consolidate information. With easily identifiable QR tags, locating any missing or stolen piece is now easy. Just retrieve the information of any component on your smartphone by scanning the QR codes.

GPS tracking enabled on the smartphones makes it easy to track and locate the missing parts or equipment. GoCodes makes it possible to streamline the costs of maintaining civil engineering heavy equipment and preventing thefts. Some of the construction related equipment can cost $150,000 and more. Given such high value of equipment, staying on top of asset tracking with QR codes is a smart way to prevent thefts at construction sites.

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