Studios Shoot Down Equipment Loss with QR Codes And Cloud Software

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Studios are places where careers in the limelight are made! Studios involve an exhaustive list of expensive and high-end equipment. Managing all this state of the art equipment is challenging while keeping track of profits.

Some of the high-end equipment can involve

  • Cameras
  • Continuous lighting equipment
  • Background materials and props
  • Flash lights
  • Light tent kits
  • Stands and booms
  • Diffusers and light reflectors
  • Cables

Apart from the usual office equipment such as desks, tables, computers, chairs, studios also need special acoustic panels, reflection filters, stands and isolation pads. With busy shooting schedules and erratic timings, it is all too easy to lose track of some of these expensive. It can be very difficult to replace any of the missing equipment with new ones when it involves huge amounts of expenditure.

Asset tracking and inventory tracking are necessary to keep the profit margins healthy and to avoid unnecessary purchases and compromises on quality.

track production equipment assets using your smartphoneSmart Asset Tracking with QR Codes

Barcodes that were in use earlier were uni-dimensional which meant only limited texts could be stored on them. Quick response codes or QR codes can store images, SMS messages, URLs, emails and much more. In fact, QR codes can carry hundred times as much information as barcodes.

Barcode scanners also had to be physically attached to the device that was recording the codes. But with QR codes and GPS systems enabled by GoCodes asset tracking, there is no need to be near the computer all the time. Just download the QR scan app for free from GoCodes and wave the smart-phone on the QR codes of each equipment for fast asset tracking.

Cloud based software lets you store as much data as you want without worrying about space and storage space and investing in elaborate software. Store and retrieve information on any studio equipment when needed to see its purchase details, location and maintenance information.

Employees can do smart asset tracking just by pulling out their smartphones. Instead of elaborate stickers and barcode scanning equipment, a wave of smartphones is all that is needed to find out all the details of studio equipment. Because QR codes can store larger amounts of 3D and 2D data you can store images, texts, repair schedules and purchase dates. GoCodes asset tracking makes it possible for you to track your equipment from wherever you are across the globe and while traveling.

Auditing with GoCodes

To report your annual financial statement whether for tax computing or for meeting quality standards, regular audits are a must. Many studios have to carry out weekly or monthly audits in a standardized way that ensures comprehensive inventory tracking. GoCodes asset tracking solutions for studios make it easy to integrate inventory tracking and asset tracking into the regular flow of work. With no need for extensive equipment and processes, any of the staff can carry out the regular audits just by using his or her smartphone. No specialized training or skills are needed for auditing using GoCodes QR codes and app.

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