Say Cheese! Using QR Codes to Link to Product Information Videos

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 QR codes have become a staple format for data access and data sharing among the smartphone accustomed consumers of today. This growing popularity of smartphones among consumers have allowed digital marketers and businesses to come up with new and exciting ideas to connect better with their consumers.

QR, short for “quick response,” are printed codes that can be scanned using smartphones. Once scanned, the information stored in the QR code can be accessed by the smartphone. One can store all kinds of information on a QR code such as URLs to websites, location, product details, connection to social media platforms and video and written content. The use of QR code simplifies the process of sharing information with customers, making it a lucrative option for businesses. Businesses can use QR code to efficiently and quickly convey any kind of information to their consumers. One of the most powerful techniques that are often used is sharing video content using QR codes. As soon as the consumer scans the code, they can view videos such as relevant advertisements, product launch promos, instructional videos, and videos conveying vital product information.

using qr codes to share videoSharing videos using QR codes

Videos, even now, stand out as the most popular form of communication on the internet. Almost all forms of social media platforms are incorporating videos and various kinds of video formats into their website. Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have added special features for sharing videos. Videos have the advantage of delivering a lot of content in a short period of time and can be edited to be attractive enough to hold the consumers’ attention and interest for long durations of time. This makes videos one of the perfect formats for communication between businesses and customers.

QR codes are the perfect medium for communicating videos about product information. The business needs to make a video explaining the various details of the product such as its specifications, instructions for using, maintenance protocols, self-help videos, and other kinds of product information. The video needs to be uploaded to a suitable online platform such as YouTube or the company’s own website. Once the URL of the video has been generated, it can be easily linked with a QR code. Scanning the code will lead the customers directly to the video on their smartphone. There are easy-to-use and free QR code generators online, which can instantly generate a unique QR code once the link has been provided.

QR codes are compatible with all kinds of formats, and the code can be posted nearly everywhere. One can connect to videos on YouTube, upload videos on Dropbox using QR codes or even send video content via mail. One of the most effective strategies is to include the QR code in the product body or packaging itself. The customer can also be provided with a code printed card along with the product. The customer needs to just scan the code, and the video regarding the product details can be viewed instantly.

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