Manage Industrial Hoses Using Cloud-Software and Smartphones

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Most industries have strict standards on their execution time and quality. In order to maintain process efficiency, companies need to ensure that their employees have the right tools at the right time and that they are in perfect condition. Businesses also spend a lot of capital in acquiring assets like office equipment, manufacturing machines and tools, computer and network equipment, transport resources and documentation among others. Apart from live tracking of all the tools and equipment, maintenance and inspection schedules need to be set up, and inventory management solutions need to be implemented to ensure maximum use of the available assets.

manage hose maintenance using qr codesImportance of managing hoses

Hoses are an important part of many heavy-duty industries like construction, chemical, water management, FMCG among others. There are various kinds of hoses with different operating parameters and materials depending on the use and nature of the fluid. Some hoses transfer toxic materials, others need to transport clean water. There are also hoses for transporting gases. As we can see hoses need to be categorized according to their use and they are vital equipment that requires tracking. Hoses are often made from expensive materials and come equipped with high-grade fittings which may be stolen. Traditional inventory management and equipment tracking were not only tedious and time-consuming, but also had a lot of room for human error. Any kind of delay in tool availability or quality can cause major setbacks in projects which can lead to losses for the company. With advanced technological features like cloud-based data storage and smartphone support for asset tracking companies can no longer afford to neglect this aspect. GoCodes is one such professional asset tracking service provider that gives access to simple to use software and advanced tracking features like GPS tracking, QR codes and smartphone support. Some of the key benefits of such tracking technologies are mentioned below.

  • Track equipment with ease using QR codes- QR codes are an easy to use method of using tracking features. QR codes contain a lot of information and can be stuck on any surface. From small handheld tools to long hoses, QR stickers can greatly streamline check-in/check-out systems. QR codes also do not require any investments in expensive scanners. Smartphones are capable enough to use QR codes.
  • Cloud-based data storage- All of the records and manuals of every asset and tool in a company can amount to enormous quantities of paper records. Handling and managing all of these even in the form excel documents and lists can be extremely difficult. By employing cloud database, all of these documents can be shifted to a centralized location that can be accessible to everyone on their smartphones at all times. Easy to use dashboard features are available that enable asset tracking from smartphones.
  • GPS tracking on smartphones- Live location data of data from equipment can be sent via QR codes which can be viewed on smartphones. Whenever hoses or any heavy equipment are being transported, supervisors can continuously monitor their location. 
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