Learn to Track Human Resources Training Materials Using QR Codes and Cloud-Based Software

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Providing consistent training and education to employees is vital for maintaining a competitive edge and inconsistent improvement of working processes. Due to the steady rise in technologies businesses are undergoing transformations faster than ever. This has also affected how HR teams choose to track and manage training materials and their methods of providing the right material to the right people.

Human resource professionals play a key role in the corporate training of employees. Their functions include scheduling training hours, arranging for proper training materials, arranging for subject experts and support employees in developing additional skills. With developments in technology like Cloud-based systems and QR codes, we can see the rise of learning management systems and systems for tracking training material. Such modern capabilities are of great help to the HR in managing and tracking their training content. Hence, one can observe a drastic change in the way HR teams manage corporate training.

track hr training materials using qr codes Going for cloud-based tracking and management of training materials

Cloud databases basically allow the HR team to monitor and track their diverse sets training materials from one platform. Cloud-based systems enable employees spread across various locations to gain access to training materials without having the need to physically travel. These learning material management systems come with inbuilt tracking features which monitor the access to the files and progress of various employees with their training. Some of the key features of cloud-based training material tracking and learning management are mentioned below:

  • No hardware required- Migrating all the training materials on cloud database eliminates the need for additional infrastructure separate servers, physical copies of training materials, printers. Cloud-based training material tracking also eliminates the need for additional software tools which might be used for viewing and updating of training materials. Also, cloud-based learning management is supported on multiple platforms so that employees can choose to view their training material even on their smartphones.
  • Live-tracking of training materials and progress- By uploading training materials on cloud servers, HR teams can seamlessly track the flow of training materials and update or transfer them as when necessary. With advanced dashboard features, HR teams can keep track of the progress of every individual employee’s training.
  • Updating training materials with ease- Before the age of cloud-based services, an update of training material was a daunting task. Not only the HR team had print newer, fresh copies of training materials, but also had to make sure that every employee received a copy and was up-to-date with the latest developments. This is no longer the concern. Updating training materials on cloud automatically inform all the concerned parties and instantly shares the updated material with the team without the need for HR intervention.
  • Scheduling training programs and automated delivery of materials- HR teams now have the capability to plan training programs in an automated fashion. As soon as the day of training arrives, automated notification and delivery of training material take place to the respective employees.

 Role QR codes in learning management and training material tracking

Originally invented by DENSO (a Toyota firm), QR codes were originally intended for tracking of automobile parts. However, they have become immensely popular due to their ability to store thousands of characters in a simplified and concise format. This has widespread applications in the field of learning management and training material tracking.

The HR team needs to analyze what is the most efficient way of managing learning materials and making them available to employees. Added to this is the responsibility of educating the new employees about various policies of the company and various features and services available to them. Utilizing QR codes can greatly improve and simplify the process of learning management and training material tracking.

Simply by providing QR codes, HR teams can give instant access to training materials. Every employee today is equipped with a smartphone with easily available QR scanning features. By pasting a particular QR code near a tool device or department office and by linking it to the right training material, HR teams can equip the employees with the necessary capabilities for learning on their own. Posting such similar QR codes as posters all across the facility not only automates the task of distributing training material but also makes the environment more interactive and conducive to learning. For example. posting QR codes linking to training materials regarding machines and tools can be placed outside assembly lines or QR codes containing the policies of the company can be posted at the entrance to the main offices. Tracking and management of training materials with QR codes also allows HR to correctly link the right information with the right service or facility.

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