iPad or Microsoft Surface – which is best for business

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The iPad and Microsoft’s Surface are extremely powerful hybrid tablets that equip their users with portable and powerful devices allowing them to work from any location. But as far as core operational parameters and use in corporate or business environments is concerned, the devices provide their sets of advantages and disadvantages. One needs to take a deeper look into the products

The Surfacebook and the Surfacebook Pro were at one point of time the only viable hybrid tablets in the market. But it’s growing popularity has led other companies to join the race and the most fierce competitor of Microsoft’s surface happens to Apple’s iPad Pro. Let us take a look at the various features of both the Surfacebook and Apple’s iPad Pro.

Product design and portability- In terms of portability, there really is no clear winner as both the products weigh almost the same without any noticeable difference and the dimensions of Surfacebook Pro 4 and iPad Pro are comparable when considering portability. The Surfacebook Pro 4 is around 0.33 inches thick and the iPad is barely thinner with a thickness of 0.27 inches. The iPad pro weigh about 1.57 pounds and the Surfacebook Pro 4 comes close with a total weight of 1.69 pounds.

Display- While considering the display between the two, it is equally hard to pick a winner. Choosing either one will not result in much difference as far as the display is concerned. The Surfacebook Pro 4 comes with a 12.3 inch display whereas the iPad Pro has a 12.9 inch screen. In terms of the resolution, the Surfacebook Pro has a marginally better resolution of 267 ppi, and the iPad Pro has 264 ppi.

Connectivity- This one of the most significant distinguishing features between the two and Microsoft’s Surfacebook is the clear winner here. The Surfacebook Pro comes with a full-capable USB 3.0 slot, a microSD slot and a mini display port. It also comes with a port for the Surface Connect feature. There are only two ports on the iPad Pro, one is a lightning connecter for recharging the stylus and the second is a connection for an additional keyboard. For other connectivity features, Apple users must purchase a separate dongle, which provides with certain basic connections but doesn’t compare the Surfacebook Pro 4. The connectivity features are easier and seamless in Surfacebook Pro which makes it a better option for both home and office use.

Features for price- Unless someone is heavily dependent on the iOS and ecosystem of apps provided by Apple, Microsoft’s Surfacebook Pro gives the most benefits considering the price range. While both the operating systems and hardware is top notch, Microsoft brings greater connectivity and more productivity to its users. Considering the fact that office use requires a device that is compatible across multiple platforms and needs to be user-friendly, one can conclude that the Surfacebook Pro 4 is a better option in this case. While Apple may have an optimized device, it is limited in terms of functionality and add-ons.

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