Tips & Tricks: How to Automate Your Field Service Requests Using GoCodes

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Imagine that you have assets that are deployed to end-user locations. Also, you are responsible for the maintenance and support of those assets. Your assets include computers, printers, industrial equipment or medical devices. You require a simple and effective method for your end-users to be able to initiate a detailed and specific service request without resorting to a phone call or email.

Use your GoCodes Solution:

Advise your users that in order to initiate a service request they should scan the QR barcode (with any free scanner or our free app) on the label of the asset. They will then be presented with the public information for that asset and receive a prompt to enter their name, email, phone and message (all fields are optional.) They can enter whatever information is appropriate along with a message about their request. For example, “My computer won’t power on.”

The Admin user on the GoCodes’ account will instantly receive an email alert and text message (if configured) and be able to view this service request message in the Messages’ section of the GoCodes’ web app.

The request message will reference the specific asset that was scanned, provide a date, GPS location, as well as the information entered by the user.

If an email address was provided, the admin can reply directly from the GoCodes’ web app to the user with a message like, “Thanks for your request. We will send out an engineer later today.”

Nb. All service requests will now appear as messages in the GoCodes’ web app and can be tracked and deleted as needed.

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