Hotels and Resorts Roll Out Great Customer Service Using QR Codes and Smartphones

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A hotel or resort should feel like a luxurious home away from home, and part of providing visitors with that experience involves giving them the best possible customer service. There are many tips for hospitality, but some of them involve the technology you use. Here are some ways that hotels and resorts have used QR codes to improve their customer service.

#1 – Lists of Attractions and Amenities  Asset tracking for hotels and resorts

One of the best ways in which hotels and resorts are making use of QR codes to provide the best possible hospitality has to do with providing their guests with added value. Imagine putting a QR code on each room key that would allow your guests to access a list of the hottest restaurants, local events, shopping centers, and more all with a simple scan? Not only does this make things more convenient for your guests, but it also helps your staff immensely. The number of telephone calls about nearby attractions will fall, but the hospitality provided to your guests will continue to improve.

#2 – Ordering Extra Services

Most hotels and resorts offer “luxury” or “premium” services that are not included in the price of the room. For example, your guests may opt to order a pay-per-view movie once they’ve settled in for the night, or they might want access to premium internet speeds for the entire day. Placing a QR code somewhere inside the room that takes your guests to a service order page can help streamline these processes. Not only does it provide excellent customer service, but it also gives you a chance to upsell different services without even trying.

#3 – Room Service

Room service is always popular in hotels. After all, sometimes it’s fun to order a fancy meal and have it delivered to your room on a silver platter. Rather than simply providing a full menu and a phone number for your guests to call and place their orders, why not provide a menu with a QR code that your guests can scan to place their orders via their smartphones? It certainly makes things far more convenient, and people who use their smartphones to place orders are likely to spend more money than those who simply call.

#4 – Checking In and Out 

If there’s one thing that people want to streamline when it comes to their hotel and resort experiences, it’s the processes they need to use to check in and out of their rooms. Oftentimes, this involves standing in line at the front desk, handing over their credit cards, and more. Fortunately, it’s possible to allow guests to check in and out by simply scanning a QR code. It does involve some security features, such as an application or mobile website that requires login and verification, but most people would rather take the time to set up an account than spend valuable time standing in line.

Running a hotel or resort to the best of your ability is all about providing your guests with the best possible service. Fortunately, QR codes can make just about every aspect of a guest’s stay simpler for not only that guest, but also for your staff.

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