Get Tough on Asset Management! – Rugged Solutions for Apple iPad and Android Tablets

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Are you looking for a powerful, flexible, secure and affordable asset management solution which you can use in a heavy-duty industrial setting like a warehouse, construction site or industrial plant? If so, you may have considered proprietary solutions from well-known vendors but realized the cost is more than you can afford. Well there’s an alternative.

Today’s Apple iPad, Android & Microsoft  tablet technology has become a commodity and with high competition you can now purchase a range of powerful mobile tablet devices for much less than proprietary vendor solutions. When you combine these tablets with powerful cloud-based software you create your own custom mobile asset tracking solution.

One concern users have with this approach is the fragile nature of low-cost consumer oriented tablet devices. While some Android vendors have provided rugged enclosures & turn-key solutions that protect against drops and other threats they are not available for the Apple iPads which many love to use.

That’s where some innovative vendors have come in to provide a range or effective aftermarket add-ons designed to upgrade your consumer tablet device so that it’s rugged enough for use in harsh industrial environments. Best of all most of these solutions are very affordable and are easy to install.


Most customers are looking for features like:

> MIL-SPEC drop resistance

> Protection from occasional moisture

> Completely waterproof

> Dust and particle protection

> Easy to operate while wearing gloves

> Optimized for barcode and RFID scanning applications

> Wide range of network connectivity options

> Affordability

The good news is that there are some great aftermarket solutions available that address all these requirements and more. Best of all, these solutions are very affordable and easy to install.

So which are the best? We have completed a review and these are the solutions we confidently recommend to our customers:


> Otterbox Defender for iPad – $99

> RockLok v3 – $40

> Gumdrop Marine & Industry Series – $60

> The Ultimate: aXtion Pro for iPad Ultra-Rugged Waterproof Case with Built-in Accessories Port- $130

> Griffin Survivor – MIL SPEC Compliant- $80


Android tablet users have some more choices as a number of vendors provide rugged tablets designed from day-one for use in harsh operating environments. Here’s a summary of some of the best.

 > GETAC Z-710 – Fully Rugged Tablet

> Panasonic ToughPad

> Xplore Rangerx

> Fieldbook E1

So now you can create a complete solution that’s effective in the toughest environments and costs far less than the competition.

Ready to try GoCodes on your tablet? What are you waiting for? Schedule a demo or free trial today.

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Get Tough on Asset Management! – Rugged Solutions for Apple iPad and Android Tablets

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