Get Fired Up by Tracking Your Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Using QR Codes

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When you’re responsible for supplying and maintaining dozens of fire extinguishers, you likely know that the processes behind keeping them maintained can be arduous. Fortunately, QR codes can make this maintenance far simpler, which frees up more of your time to focus on other important matters.

Current Methods

Track fire equipment maintenance using QR codes and an app The fire extinguishers in apartment buildings and places of employment must be inspected regularly to ensure they’re in proper working condition. Failing to have those extinguishers inspected could lead to hefty fines, or even worse, a fire that can’t be put out. Most of these inspections are currently handled with paper forms. Once the data has been collected, it is later transferred into a spreadsheet so it can be saved, shared with others, and reported. This method creates a huge margin for error, though, and that could end up costing you dearly.

Switching to QR Codes

These days, QR codes are simpler than ever to use. By placing a label with a QR code on every single extinguisher, all you have to do is scan that particular extinguisher to learn more about it. When was it last maintained? Who performed that maintenance? When will it need to be maintained again? Is it time for that extinguisher to be replaced? All this information is available at your fingertips when you scan the QR code with your smartphone.

Don’t Forget an Extinguisher Again

Those responsible for inspecting and maintaining fire extinguishers are only human. This means they may miss an extinguisher along the way, which can create significant problems in the future. With QR codes and smartphone apps, it’s possible for your inspectors to see every single extinguisher on the premises. If they’ve missed one, it will show up on the app before the inspectors leave the area. This saves you time and money by making the process even more efficient.

Real-Time Data

In order to meet codes and regulations, fire extinguishers need to be placed in very specific areas. When you combine GPS tracking with your QR codes, you’ll know exactly when an extinguisher is moved because the app will change the location according to GPS readings. This way, you can check data in real time to make sure all your extinguishers are properly maintained and they’re all where they should be. The simplicity this provides will make any inspector’s job far simpler in the end.

No Question about Standards

Finally, fire extinguishers are held to a variety of standards for things like inspection, maintenance, and location. Any time there’s a question as to whether a certain extinguisher meets standards, you can simply scan that equipment with your smartphone and reveal all the data you need. This may include purchase date, location history, and even whether that particular extinguisher has ever been used.

Tracking and maintaining fire extinguishers per NFPA standards can be quite daunting, but QR codes and smartphone apps can make it simpler, particularly if you use GPS tracking tools, too. They automate much of the maintenance process, and they even let you get the information you need on demand with a simple scan.

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