Freshen Up Your Water Purification Equipment Tracking Using QR Codes and an App

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Importance of equipment tracking systems

Without implementing a robust asset management and tracking system companies stand to lose not only time but money and resources. Be it physical assets on the field, office equipment, tools or software, asset tracking reduces your costs of administration, improves customer service and streamlines working processes. Before the dawn of modern technologies like cloud database, QR codes and smartphone apps, asset tracking and management was a rigorous, labor-intensive task which often had multiple inaccuracies. Today, we can easily assign barcodes and QR codes to various assets. By using these codes, we can input live data into databases and thus provide accurate check-ins/check-outs along with real-time tracking capabilities.

Routine monitoring and tracking of equipment allow inventory managers to ensure that no piece of equipment is lost or stolen. Through continuous status tracking, equipment downtime and maintenance time can be significantly reduced. Also, there are cases when equipment is being transported, keeping constant vigilance on the transport not only reduces delays but also informs the inventory managers of any possible breakdowns or accidents.

barcodes for water purification systemsQR codes and GPS tracking of equipment using QR codes

QR codes are special characters that are capable of storing a lot of information. When a QR is scanned with a reader, appropriate information is taken as input and sent to the database. QR codes are printed on tags which can be posted on any piece of equipment, product or facility. Once scanned, the user can get all the information about the equipment and can update new information in the system. This allows for seamless tracking and status update of equipment. Combining the data representation capabilities of QR codes with GPS tracking facilities, we can deploy a live equipment tracking system. By scanning the equipment through various stages of transport using checkpoints we can monitor its journey and ensure adherence to timelines.

Now QR codes do not come with GPS features. However, they can be scanned with smartphones and scanners which have GPS capabilities. Hence upon scanning of a QR code, the GPS location of the phone can be sent to database thus providing time and location of the equipment. QR codes is an extremely cost-effective and easy way to implement a tight asset tracking system. GPS data is not real time, the data that is uploaded is specific to the time and location of the scanning. By automating the process and doing it repeatedly we can get clear visibility of the equipment.

The benefit of using QR codes for tracking water purification systems

QR tags are extremely useful in the tracking of water purification systems. This is primarily due to the water-resistant and weather-resistant nature of the tags. Water purification equipment requires tracking and monitoring of status to ensure process efficiency and equipment safety. Monitoring the stages of water purification is required for process analysis. By automated scanning of various QR codes which represent data regarding the various stages of purification, we can track the progress of water purification more efficiently. By integrating this platform on a mobile app, we can monitor the status of purification from anywhere. Human presence is no longer required to supervise the equipment. Also, water purification systems are delicate and expensive equipment. Hence their tracking during transport or rental is of critical importance.

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