GoCodes makes asset tracking easy!

For your administrators

  • Delivers a complete, single-vendor solution which means you can get tracking today!
  • Works using any web browser on any device including smartphone, tablet, and computer.
  • Includes patented QR code labels and tags customized for you.
  • Top-rated Apple iOS and Android apps, ensure fast and accurate scanning.
  • Secure data storage and backup means your asset data is always available.
  • Integrates with your other software through our intelligent API.
  • Provides outstanding customer service via Phone, Chat and Email support to help you achieve your asset tracking goals.
  • Custom labels in a range of rugged material or print your own light-duty QR barcode labels on your office printer using an Avery label template.
  • Add-on Data Import service eliminates manual data entry to get going fast.

Build your solution

  • Add custom fields. Rename fields to
    match your existing terminology.
  • Add drop-down menu choices to your data fields.
  • Assign users to specific roles.
  • Link documentation and rich multi-media resources to your asset information.
  • Segregate access to your data based on location and more.
  • Use Kitting / Parent Child relationships to group assets together.

For your team

  • Secure and robust asset identification.
  • Rapid check in and out of your assets.
  • Attach photos to your asset information.
  • Automatic GPS location updates.
  • Schedule service tracking.
  • Create tasks for your assets.
  • Automate field service requests.
  • Create tasks to help organize working with your assets.
  • Maintenance tracking and management.
  • Warranty tracking and management.

Barcode scanning

  • Scan your barcodes using our free top-rated mobile apps.
  • Use barcode scanning to assign assets to people, places, and projects.
  • Scan serial numbers and other data directly into your database.
  • Includes multi barcode scanning to speed check in/out and updates.
  • Any person can initiate service requests by scanning the GoCodes QR code.

Inventory managment

  • Track your inventory and consumable quantities or stock items by scanning your barcode.
  • Includes low quantity, reorder alert email notifications.
  • Handheld scanner emulation for rapid scan in/out of multiple items.


  • Fixed assets register to track your assets financial and operational information
  • Complete audit history of all changes
  • Custom report designer, design your own charts, graphs, and dashboards (optional).
  • Effortlessly export your asset data to Microsoft Excel, csv and pdf formats.
  • Depreciation calculation for fixed assets using straight line and accelerated depreciation.