Additional modules for you.


  • Attach any document to your asset, allowing easy access to asset information.
  • Add checklists, photos,  purchase orders, service manuals, receipts, user guides and more.
  • Enables full documentation of warranties, services and repairs for health and safety compliance.

Custom Reporting & Analytics

  • Report on any aspect of your GoCodes account, easily.
  • Build tabular reports, pivot tables, barcharts, pie charts and dashboards, effortlessly.
  • Ensures management & team members receive the information they want, when they want it.
  • Stay compliant and audit ready.


  • Group unlimited numbers of assets into kits.
  • Check kits in & out eliminate the need to scan every asset in the kit, individually.
  • Promotes time saving & ease of management, as you track one kit rather than many assets.