Comparing Asset Panda, GoCodes and Wasp Barcode

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A business uses a substantial portion of its revenue to acquire new assets. No wonder asset tracking tops the priority list of every asset manager. Asset tracking provides visibility into asset usage, helping your managers schedule timely maintenance and replacement. Asset tracking software is a data repository that stores critical data related to inventory management. Your managers can analyze this data to get actionable insights and understand business and consumer behavior trends.

There are several small business asset management methods. While some businesses prefer using barcodes, others opt for RFID tags for tracking inventory. Lately, many businesses have started using QR code inventory tags. Several asset management companies specialize in offering inventory management solutions. GoCodes, Asset Panda, and Wasp Barcode stand out from the crowd due to their ability to offer custom solutions and experience of working with businesses from different industries.

1 – GoCodes

Based in Minneapolis, GoCodes is a leading provider of asset tracking solutions. The provider serves more than 1,000 businesses from different backgrounds and industries. GoCodes is known for offering user-friendly fixed asset management solutions. Known for their simple and clutter-free interface, these solutions are extremely flexible and can be customized according to the business’ specific needs.

GoCodes is lauded for coming up with innovative solutions that leverage the power of QR codes. Loaded with intuitive features that help employees save time while performing different tasks, asset tracking systems designed by the MN-based company are highly relevant in today’s dynamic business environment.


You know a company has arrived when it is granted a patent for an invention. Several years ago, when QR codes had just exploded onto the scene, GoCodes was granted a patent for its QR code technology with GPS tracking that helps lower the risk of asset theft. Equipped with advanced features, GoCodes system is used by several businesses to track assets. A trial shows that the system can help recover more than 50 percent of assets lost.

  • Free trial 

It is normal for businesses to be apprehensive about their provider’s ability when joining hands with the asset management company. The management does not know what to expect and can get anxious. To win their new clients’ trust, GoCodes offers a free 15-day trial period. During this period, the business can test the solution to ensure that the features offered are aligned with the organization’s asset tracking needs.

  • Ease of use 

Asset tracking software by GoCodes features a user-friendly interface. Additionally, the cloud-based solution can be used on computers as well as mobile devices, which means users can log-in from anywhere. Because all apps come with a barcode scanner, businesses do not have to invest in new devices. These apps allow users to swiftly check-in/out assets.

  • Ease of customization 

To ensure that the solution used by the customer does not become redundant when the business expands, GoCodes equips its asset tagging software with a range of customizable features. These features allow users to easily add custom data fields and pick lists.

  • Depreciation reporting

With the GoCode system by your side, your managers won’t have to spend hours looking for asset records or perform complex calculations to determine depreciation. Reports generated by GoCodes’ inventory systems automatically calculate fixed asset depreciation, helping save time and efforts.

  • No special requirements 

Unlike traditional software, asset tracking systems by GoCodes do not need any special software or equipment to work. Because the mobile app comes with a barcode scanner, businesses don’t even have to invest in new devices and can ask their employees to use their smartphones for scanning.

  • Price

GoCodes offers solutions starting at $300/year for 200 assets and 3 user logins.

2 – Wasp Barcode 

Wasp Barcode offers asset tracking, inventory management, and time and attendance solutions. The Texas-based company also manufactures barcode scanners, barcode printers, and mobile computers. The provider’s clientele includes Cisco, IBM, Boeing, and Hewlett Packard. Wasp Barcode’s award-winning hardware based solution is easy to use, install, and maintain, which helps save valuable dollars and even more precious man-hours.


  • Range of solutions

Whether you need an asset tracking system or are looking for hardware, Wasp Barcode is your go-to team. The provider not only offers asset tracking solutions but also manufactures hardware components such as barcode scanners and barcode printers used by different asset tracking systems. Known for their robust design, superior quality, and reliability, these hardware components include advanced features and are extremely durable.

  • Superior customer support 

Wasp Barcode is certainly not one of those companies that think their job is done after installing a solution. The provider offers its customers’ comprehensive training and installation support. An in-house technical support team takes customer calls round the clock, helping businesses get a solution to their problems when it matters the most.

  • Diverse clientele 

Wasp Barcode boasts a diverse clientele. The Texas-based solution provider serves businesses from different industries, including agriculture, banking construction, manufacturing, and hospitality. The experience of working with companies from different industries and backgrounds has helped Wasp Barcode come up with custom solutions for companies big and small.

  • User-friendly solutions 

Asset tracking software by Wasp barcode features a user-friendly interface that provides a 360-degree view of assets owned by the company. The asset management tracking system captures logging information, helping users save time.

  • Superior security and report generation capabilities 

The asset management tracking system by Wasp Barcode lets admins use enterprise-grade role-based security to define access rights for users. Equipped with advanced features, the software lets users create custom reports.

  • Price

Wasp Barcode offers entry-level solutions starting at ~$1,000/year.

3 – Asset Panda 

Asset Panda is known for offering custom small business asset management solutions. The Texas-based company featured in the 2018 Inc. 5000 list of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies. Asset Panda’s clientele includes businesses from different industries, including education, hospitality, and healthcare.

The service provider not only offers asset tracking solutions but also helps clients create new workflows and streamline the existing ones helping them get one step closer to achieving operational efficiency. Asset Panda’s ability to offer fixed asset management solutions for businesses of all sizes gives it an edge over the competition.


For years, Asset Panda has been managing millions of assets owned by customers around the world. The provider is known for offering user-friendly and scalable inventory management solutions. Below are some reasons why businesses flock to the provider:

  • No hardware requirement

Conventional asset tracking systems require hardware to work. Many traditional systems come with bulky handheld scanners. Employees who perform different asset management tasks need to carry these scanners to scan items, which can result in convenience issues.

To help address this problem, Asset Panda offers mobile solutions, which means clients do not have to invest in expensive hardware. All users need to do is install an app on their mobile phones. It’s a win-win situation for businesses and their employees.

  • Seamless reporting 

Asset Panda’s web-based asset tracking software includes drag-and-drop reporting. Thanks to this feature, managers don’t have to spend hours preparing reports. The feature helps generate automated reports that can be easily shared with concerned people. The feature helps save time and effort, ensuring that your managers have enough time on their hands to concentrate on more important things.

  • Real-time asset tracking 

One of the major shortcomings of traditional fixed asset management solutions is that the users have to log in from a specific location (in most cases, their workplace). The drawback can be a major concern for a business with a global workforce. To help businesses avoid this problem, Asset Panda offers free inventory management mobile (Android and iPhone/iPad) apps that can be synced with the company’s cloud account. These apps can be used to track assets from remote locations. Irrespective of their location, authorized users can view, delete, and edit reports.

  • Range of configurations 

To ensure varied business needs are met, Asset Panda includes several fields in its asset management software. The solutions offered by the provider can be tweaked to manage any number of assets. Thanks to Asset Panda’s evolved platform that boasts superior configurability, asset managers don’t have a tough time thinking of ways to adapt the system to the business’ needs.

Some configurations offered by Asset Panda include inventory management, vendor management, compliance software, and fixed asset mobile audit.

  • Seamless and swift integration

A major USP of web-based asset tracking software offered by Asset Panda is their ability to swiftly integrate with legacy systems. Inventory management solutions offered by the provider allow users to import data from different spreadsheets and create custom reports that provide insights into different trends.

Asset tracking solutions by Asset Panda can be integrated with Google Device Manager, Connectwise, Device Data Agent, and Zendesk.

  • Custom solutions 

Asset tracking needs of businesses can significantly vary. An asset management tracking system that can work wonders for a business can fail to produce results for another organization. To ensure varied client needs are met, Asset Panda offers tailor-made inventory management solutions. Over the years, the provider has come up with industry-specific asset tracking solutions such as non-profit asset tracking solutions, hotel asset tracking solutions, and church asset tracking solutions.

  • Price

Asset Panda offers solutions starting at $1,400/year.

About GoCodes

GoCodes is the industry leader in tool tracking. We provide customers with the ultimate single vendor solution that includes cloud-based software, top-rated smartphone scanner apps and rugged QR code tags.

We pride ourselves on delivering a personalized service, cutting-edge technology and software that is easily used by your entire team.

GoCodes ensures our customers achieve success in their tool management projects every time.

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