Wind Farm Owners Feel the Blow by Blow Benefits of Using QR Codes to Track Equipment

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Fossil fuels may soon be a thing of the past with the way renewable energy is going from strength to strength. Renewable energy including wind, solar and others are the talk of the town in countries across the world! Countries including U.S. have set major targets to achieve more than half of electricity production from renewable sources including wind and solar.

Wind farms accounted for 8% of total electricity generated in the U.S. according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). In states like Iowa and South Dakota, more than 30% of total electricity generated comes from wind and solar!

As low carbon economy continues to stay in the spotlight, there are likely to be more demands placed on wind farms to meet the targets of clean energy. Along with expansion and increased production, wind farms will have to also focus on keeping their costs low so as to make the energy costs affordable.

Asset tracking with GoCodes

Ensuring grid reliability is one of the main focuses of wind farms along with smart use of assets to optimize operations while keeping costs low. With variable and unpredictable winds during different days and seasons, squeezing out every watt of power from available wind is essential for maintaining healthy bottom lines. Assets need to be in top working conditions at all times with minimum idle times and breakdowns.

Professional asset tracking solutions are absolutely essential to streamline costs related to track and maintain assets.

GoCodes QR codes and asset tracking software provides the perfect solution for wind farms to track and manage their assets.

Using GoCodes QR codes and cloud software helps wind farms in many ways including:

  • Optimization of their energy production
  • Reduction in downtime
  • Minimizing maintenance and lifecycle operations costs

GoCodes smart asset tracking solutions

Equipment in wind farms need to perform optimally both short and long-term to yield positive returns on investment. Equipment failures and missed maintenance schedules can cost heavily for wind farms in terms of profits and operational risks. Aging assets also need regular inspections and maintenance.

GoCodes brings easy and free QR code scanning apps, cloud software and customizable QR codes for a wide range of applications in wind farms. All minor and major components can be tagged with QR codes that do not need separate barcode scanners. Just a wave of the smartphone will ensure every detail of the equipment is stored in the cloud platform for easy retrieval.

With GoCodes smart asset tracking, you can schedule a maintenance, retrieve details of prior maintenance and pending tasks, tag remote equipment that is hard to reach using just the smartphone! With the cloud software solutions provided by GoCodes, storing any amount of data is easy and cost-effective.

The GoCodes benefits for wind farms

Wind farms experience a host of benefits when they use smart asset tracking from GoCodes. These are:

  • Optimization of asset utilization
  • Increased productivity
  • Better return on investment
  • Enhanced reliability
  • Minimal inventory costs
  • Intelligent management of inventory with predictability of equipment life
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