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Commercial samples are “freebies” where the product sample is given free of cost to customers or other retailers to try out the product before purchasing them.

Just like a test drive, the objective of giving a commercial sample is to sensitize the consumer with the new product and let him or her make an informed decision regarding its purchase.

Commercial Samples Have a High Rate of Success

It is a commonly used method by marketers to promote a product. In fact, commercial samples have 90% success rate in converting to sales. Obviously, for many marketers or brands, this is one of the top marketing strategies. Not only are the consumers more likely to buy the product after testing it out, but are also more likely to recommend the product to others. Free product samples are also sent out to other geographical locations when a company is looking to expand its consumer base.

Participation in international trade fairs and exhibitions also necessitate movement of a considerable quantity of commercial samples. In this case, sending out a large number of commercial samples to different countries or cities require a lot of planning in terms of logistics and asset tracking.

Prevent Loss or Theft of Samples with GoCodes

Because these commercial samples are in transit most of the time, it is easy to lose track of them. The risk of them being stolen is also high particularly if they are high value commercial samples.

Asset tracking of multiple commercial samples is impossible to do manually at all times and, it is even more difficult to get timely updates on change of custody of samples. Lack of a cohesive single platform to collate all information can also hamper business operations and efficiency.

Advantages Of Using GoCodes

The most intelligent solution is in the form of GoCodes, QR codes, and cloud software. GoCodes comprehensive asset tracking solutions have these advantages:

  • A single integrated cloud based platform that is easily accessible on smartphones. With GoCodes cloud software, there is no need to invest in expensive storage devices for data management or inventory tracking.
  • A Flexible software that allows for easy changes in fields, reports and workflow actions
  • Customization to suit the needs of each user
  • Free to download QR scanning app
  • Completely customizable QR codes that can be generated on GoCodes website

With GoCodes asset tracking solutions, keep track of sensitive and expensive commercial samples whether in transit or on display at any location. Scanning them with an Android or iOS smartphone lets you enter details of the commercial samples including date of shipping, change of custody, import duty if paid, number of samples and expiry dates. With GPS enabled smartphones, any time the staff scans in the samples, the administrators or managers can get to know the exact location of these samples.

Preventing the loss or theft of samples, keeping an updated inventory for audits and balancing the sales figures are easy with GoCodes app solutions. Calculating the return on investment and sales conversions are also easy with GoCodes QR codes based asset tracking.

About GoCodes

GoCodes is the industry leader in tool tracking. We provide customers with the ultimate single vendor solution that includes cloud-based software, top-rated smartphone scanner apps and rugged QR code tags.

We pride ourselves on delivering a personalized service, cutting-edge technology and software that is easily used by your entire team.

GoCodes ensures our customers achieve success in their tool management projects every time.

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