Are your students engaged?

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Schools across the country are increasing student engagement with blended learning by using multiple modalities to teach one learning objective.

Why? Because when students aren’t engaged, they aren’t learning.

Creating a blended program means customizing the curriculum around digital instruction with materials that can easily be updated to make learning current, relevant, and more engaging.

From kinesthetic learning which is so important in the primary grades to secondary students trying to learn Pythagorean Theorem, digital technology engages the students to really interact with content.

In order to prepare for college and beyond, some states now require that students take one online course before graduating high school, and Florida schools are mandated to deliver half of their instruction digitally by the fall of 2015.

Manufacturers are paying attention

Manufacturers have learned to design notebooks and tablets with industrial rubber exteriors, robust interiors, a 10-hour battery life for learning everywhere, anytime, and with affordable price-points.

But key to sustaining digital learning is keeping track of these mobile instruction devices with a comprehensive inventory tracking system that is as smart as the devices it tracks.

With school budgets tighter than ever, it’s important to have a system of tracking school inventory. QR code inventory tags are the latest in tracking technology with sophisticated QR labels that can be scanned from smartphones and tracked by GPS to find and keep equipment where it belongs – in the hands of students and teachers.

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