Android Vs. iPhone. Which is the Best?

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Ever since our phones became smartphones, we have been confused by the billion-dollar question. Android or iPhone. Which is better? Which one should I choose?

To be honest, this question is quite hard to answer. Someone who has been using Android ever since he can remember will definitely be of the opinion that Android operating systems are much better than iPhones and someone who has been using iPhones for a long time will say just the opposite.

Like the chicken or egg problem, there is no right answer to the question of which is better between an Android and an iPhone. The only way to approach this problem would be to explore the prominent features of each system and then make a choice on what you like best.

Here is a brief overview of some of the features of the two systems.

User interface

While both iOS and the Android interface is quite easy to use, the former offers slightly less flexibility in terms of control. For instance, consider setting up your home screen and applications. On an Android device, you can customize your home screen as per your wish. However, when it comes to an iPhone, you have very limited control over how you customize your home screen. Personally, that’s a score for Android phones.


If you are really into mobile photography, then iPhone wins some points here. With Android phones, the quality of the camera is far from consistent. With iPhones, camera quality is unmatched, and they manage to get it right every single time. The iPhone is a great choice for people who insist that their mobile cameras click the best photographs every time.

Open or closed system

A lot of users make a choice between Android and iPhone based on the comparison between an open source software and a closed source software. An Android user can access almost all kinds of applications. You can download and store music, movies, and apps of your choice. This is an excellent feature especially since we use our smartphones for a range of applications. From something as simple as booking a cab to something as complex as tracking our assets, we depend on our phones for a number of purposes. On the other hand, iPhones are locked systems. This means that you cannot download music or applications that belong outside the applications developed by Apple Inc. For instance, you can download music only from iTunes, and you cannot watch a Google Play movie. While an Android phone definitely wins this round, there are many users for whom this does not really make a difference.

Differences in the type of phone

The hardware and software used by iPhones are exclusively developed by Apple Inc. This means you have very limited choices when it comes to choosing the color, size, shape, and a number of other features on your smartphone. Android, on the other hand, is an open software that is used by a number of smartphone companies. With Android phones, you can choose between colors, sizes, shapes, screen types, and more. Again, on a personal note, that is a winning point for Android phones.


Since iPhones are exclusively owned and marketed by Apple Inc., any software updates will be made available to all iPhone models. However, with Android, software updates depend on the make and model of the phone you are using.

These are some of the most prominent features that matter when using a phone. There pros and cons to using either of the two operating systems. It all comes down to personal choice in the end. So, we leave the decision of choosing the best system up to you.

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