5 Reasons you should NEVER print your own labels and use a spreadsheet to manage physical assets

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You just got the request to implement a physical asset tracking or inventory process quickly and with little or no budget available. So like many people you start printing some labels on your LaserJet printer and using an Excel spreadsheet to track the information.

You know how to do it quickly; you know it will work – in theory.  But stop; take a few minutes to look at some of the pitfalls of this approach.  We have customers call us all the time because they have adopted this strategy and it just doesn’t work. Here’s why.

1)      Designing and printing your own labels is time consuming and the end result is a poor quality label that is highly susceptible to water and abrasion damage.

2)      Regular labels are easily removed and peel off over time. They do not have permanent adhesive like professional quality GoCodes QR Code Asset Tags.

3)      Maintaining your data is challenging and unreliable.  While you can enter the assets into a spreadsheet to get started, but what happens if your hard drive crashes, the person responsible leaves the company or changes role, will that spreadsheet really survive for 3-10 years from when it was created?

4)      It’s hard to find someone to assign the task of tracking and managing your assets this way. Who wants to maintain a 2000 row spreadsheet that will quickly become inaccurate and incomplete?  It’s hard to find someone to be responsible for this task and do it well because this is such a frustrating and thankless assignment for most people.

5)      You will be poorly prepared for audits and management reports. Do you really want to go into a financial audit and management meeting with this type of Excel report a few years down the road?  You just can’t trust the results.

This is why GoCodes Cloud-Based (SaaS) Physical Asset Management provides such a great value to customers.  We take the headache of implementing a complete asset management solution off your hands and provide a set of professional quality custom QR code tags, customized to your requirements along with a robust cloud-based asset management solution that’s accessible from anywhere and backed up in world-class data centers thousands of miles apart.

So when you are considering you best option for a highly affordable, end-to-end asset management solution, choose GoCodes, you’ll be glad you did.

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