What should I print on my asset labels?

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Customers often ask for our advice on what information to print on their labels and so we thought it would be helpful to share what we have discovered working with our customers to create their asset labels.

First of you, you need to work within the size limitations of the label itself. For our standard size of 1.5 x .75 inch. That usually means a maximum of 4 lines of text of about 18 characters. Or if you want to include a logo image then two lines of text.

Then you should consider your application and goals. Most customers are looking to clearly identify their assets, track them and reduce loss. In these cases it makes sense to clearly identify the asset’s owner and that it’s private property by stating:

  • Private Property
  • ABC Corporation
  • Ourcity, MD
  • 800-123-1234

or maybe with an email address like this:

When using a logo, which can make sense if you want to highlight your organizations brand. Perhaps because you are a service provider or branding and promotions make sense here. IN these cases consider the following:


  • LOGO
  • City / State
  • 800-123-1234

If you are looking to take advantage of the secure messaging feature, for example so customers call scan the tag to call in field service requests or for remote data collection, you may want to explicitly state ‘Scan for Details’ on the label. Recall, when the tag is scanned with any QR code scanner you person has the option to send a secure message to the administrator along with optional contact information.

Lastly, some organizations are very concerned about privacy and data secrity and if these labels are being applied to laptops of computers and devices which contain sensitive data it may make sense to omit all owner information. In these cases, then nothing more than a contact number or anonymous email may suffice.

Consider that you can configure your GoCodes software to send you a secure message when someone scans the patented QR code and sends you a secure message. That way you have complete control over what information is shared.

Have more questions or want to try GoCodes in a free trial or online demo? Just enter your details and a sales rep will promptly get in touch.

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