Track Your Power Equipment Assets Using QR Codes and an App

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Power equipment assets can be complex and exhaustive to manage. Appropriate maintenance and monitoring schedules are a must for keeping the power and electrical equipment in top working order. The consequences of missing equipment and damaged or corroded power equipment can be devastating.

Maintaining power and electrical equipment including cables, circuits, wires, meters, transformers, and switchboards with manual inventory system is time-consuming. Errors in entering data or omitting important data can mean huge financial losses as well as risks to lives.

track power equipment assets using qr codesAsset tracking with QR codes and app

Asset tracking with a simple app that can be downloaded from GoCodes and QR codes is as easy as it sounds. Our cloud-based software and efficient QR code scanning app make asset tracking convenient. The power equipment can be scanned into the database using a QR code scanner app on android or iPhone which every employee owns. Using the app and QR codes, constant updating of information on each power equipment, maintenance schedule, date of purchase and location can be viewed.

The ease of app and QR code scanning lets the employees and the managers perform asset tracking from anywhere in the world or while traveling. Updating the details as and when the changes happen or when the parts are replaced are also easy with the app and the QR codes. Being two-dimensional, the QR codes let you store more information including images, messages, and texts, unlike barcodes.

Why choose GoCodes

Power equipment asset tracking does not need elaborate handheld barcode scanners or downloads. Our integrated and free QR code scanner app is quick and easy to download. Earlier systems of manual entries or maintaining complex spreadsheets are prone to errors. While these methods are outdated and time-consuming, they are also difficult to use when auditing.

When GPS tracking is included in QR codes, employees in the power equipment business can just open the app to see details of equipment including its location. It becomes easy to locate any missing pieces and avoid duplicate purchases and entries.

Accurate auditing and tracking

Annual audits are cumbersome and require long hours of checking and entering of data. With GoCodes intelligent app and QR code scanning, accurate audits at any time of the year become hassle-free. No elaborate manpower is required to carry out the audits and this itself saves a lot of costs for the companies.

Both fixed and moving power equipment assets including generators, poles and handheld field equipment and tools can be easily tracked with the GoCodes app and QR codes.

The advantages of GoCodes app and QR codes include

Flexibility of using smartphones to track assets from any location

Convenient app that allows staff to view missing, updated and added, and current information on missing items

Viewing maintenance schedules for power equipment

Viewing trouble tickets or repair status of damaged equipment

Power companies can eliminate time wasted on hunting for missing parts and missed out maintenance schedules. Asset tracking and inventory tracking is faster and real-time information can be retrieved anytime.

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