Track Automated External Defibrillators (AED) Maintenance And Certifications Using Cloud Software

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Sudden cardiac arrest is when the heart stops beating due to lack of oxygen and blood supply. Every forty seconds somebody in the US. is experiencing a heart attack. Heart disease is the top cause of death in the United States. In 2015, there were 356,500 sudden cardiac arrests recorded! When these episodes are not witnessed or attended to immediately, survival rates drop down significantly!

track aed tests and certificationsWhy Are AEDs Critical?

Automated External Defibrillators (AED) are critical to saving countless lives when every second can make a fference in terms of life or death. The device checks for heart rhythm and delivers electric shocks that can restore the normal rhythm of the heart. Being user friendly, the AED has voice based instructions that help even untrained personnel use the lifesaving device.

Prompt attention and response to sudden cardiac arrest with an AED can boost survival rate to 60% in workplaces. Without the prompt use of AED, the survival rate is just 5 to 6% when employees have to wait for a long time for medical emergency response teams to arrive.

Asset Tracking For AEDs

 Asset tracking systems for AEDs help organizations design and carry out drills on emergency response which can be integrated into a company’s safety drills. AED programs are implemented in many offices where training and certifications are handed out to volunteers. Apart from educating the volunteers on how AEDs work, it is critical to track the AED devices themselves and ensure their regular maintenance.

An intelligent asset tracking system such as the one provided by GoCodes can track the location of the device besides helping in monitoring maintenance schedules.

AEDs can sometimes experience malfunctions with low battery or other concerns. Such problems are more likely to occur when the components including battery are not replaced, even when they are beyond their expiry date.

GoCodes Cloud Solutions For AED Tracking

GoCodes cloud software and asset tracking system for AEDs enable efficient asset tracking for AED certifications and maintenance. Volunteers can use their smartphone to log in details of the AED including their location, expiry dates for each component including pads, defibrillator batteries and maintenance schedules.

There is no need to maintain an extensive database for each AED. Multiple entries can sometimes lead to inaccurate maintenance details. Such errors can mean loss of lives during cardiac arrest emergencies where the device needs to be used within seconds.

GoCodes smart asset tracking system on cloud enables you to store all details including purchase date and manufacturer, expiry dates, spare parts purchase dates, pads and defibrillator status. It is easy to view the maintenance and training schedules for AED just by logging into the cloud on smart-phones.

With GoCodes asset tracking and cloud software, you can minimize legal hassles by meeting all regulatory standards for certification and registration. Some municipal and state bodes may require you to maintain a record of maintenance and training programs for AEDs.

GoCodes asset tracking with QR codes and cloud software means the volunteers and management is always aware of the location of the AEDs so no time consuming searches have to be carried out when it matters most!

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