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Old-school methods of asset tracking at hospitals are extremely rigorous and time consuming. Human error is also a major concern with any manual process. Since hospitals handle a lot of delicate assets such as medical samples, reports, surgical equipment and expensive and delicate medical tools, asset tracking is of prime importance in the medical field. With the rise of latest technologies in software and tracking, asset tracking of medical samples and equipment has been greatly streamlined and simplified.

Since every asset in a hospital from pharmaceutical supplies, to instruments like syringes are critical in operation and safety, their efficient management and tracking is of prime importance. Since most hospitals have such large scale operations using traditional methods of asset tracking are no longer viable. Thankfully, there are a whole host of digital technologies and computer based solutions present which has made asset tracking of medical equipment a seamless and extremely simple process. By using readily available technologies such as cloud computing, QR code scanning and automated databases, an efficient and streamlined asset tracking system can be implemented at hospitals. Doing so will not only ensure fewer loss of assets and mismanagement but also provide visibility into the various processes and movement of asset.

Mentioned below are some of the ways in which cloud computing combined with QR codes helps in asset tracking at hospitals.

  • Cloud platform is available everywhere- Automated Cloud databases can be accessed from any point and at any time using Apps and cloud platforms. This allows hospital management to use easy to dashboard and get details about any kind of asset or asset movement. Cloud databases are updated on a real-time basis, that means hospital executives have access to live data. This can also lead to better decision making and streamlining of existing processes.
  • QR codes combined with Cloud platform- Sticking hospital assets with QR coded labels such as medical samples, surgical tools and equipment can convey a lot of information ins a very short space. Since QR codes are easy to use technologies that can be scanned using a simple smartphone, they are the ideal solution for hospital use due to the staggering number of assets. The asset once scanned by the code at particular junctions is recorded in the cloud database and can be viewed any time. So, such live tracking of medical samples will protect against loss of samples and misallocation of patients.
  • Cloud and RFID technology- RFID is a quick check-in / check-out technology that uses radio waves and detection of rariod waves to register assets. The asset can simply be passed through a scanner and the relevant details will be registered in the cloud storage. RFID technology with Cloud computing has seen massive applications in asset tracking in general.

The medical industry is different from the other industrial sectors, in the fact that, mismanagement of assets or loss of equipment can threaten the life of their patients. Hence, such precise technologies are extremely beneficial in the field of asset tracking o medical equipment.

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