The Best Marketing Hacks for Business Growth in 2017

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The growth of your company relies quite a bit on two very important things – technology and marketing. Oftentimes, the two go hand in hand. Here, you can learn about some of the best marketing hacks to help you grow your business through 2017 and beyond.

#1 – Marketing Automation

Marketing takes up a huge chunk of just about every company’s time and money, but in 2017, you’ll find plenty of automation tools to make things simpler. These tools use incredibly precise algorithms and analytics to help you find the right audiences at the right times. This allows you to focus on the right metrics, all while putting in very little effort, which is the bread and butter for your company’s overall growth.

#2 – Go Far Beyond Viral

In 2016, it was all about “going viral” with an advertisement, a meme, or even a YouTube video that people couldn’t get enough of. You want to create products that your customers can’t live without, and they need to go far beyond viral. For example, when you want to know something, what do you do? You Google it. Who do you call when you need to go somewhere? You call an Uber. These company names have become synonymous with the services they provide, and that will ultimately foster their long-term success. If there’s one hack you should employ during 2017, this is it.

#3 – Growth via Acquisition

Let’s say you’ve just started your business and you’re interested in gaining ground on Facebook by reaching a million “likes”. Now, you could build your group organically, but this takes time. However, you could also buy that same group for about $6,000 – and they’ll have a reach of 200,000+ each month. Which one is going to get you where you want to go? Buying, obviously. It boosts your reach, your content, and even your brand, and it can help you build a positive reputation and following seemingly overnight. In just a couple of months, that $6,000 might seem like a drop in the bucket.

#4 – QR Code Technology

QR codes are back. They give you an opportunity to do just about anything you want. Got a new mobile app for your company? Put the QR code on your product packaging and ads, then encourage people to scan it and install your app. QR codes can also play integral parts in customer loyalty schemes; simply ask your customers to scan each time they buy your product, upload a copy of their receipt, and then redeem rewards after so many purchases. The possibilities are truly endless, and because QR codes are so easy to use, they won’t frustrate your customers as much as remembering to log into a website or mail their proof of purchase.

Growing your business in 2017 is going to rely heavily on technology, but it’ll also rely on your ability to automate marketing that works. Consider buying your growth where applicable, creating a product or service that goes beyond viral and becomes synonymous with your company name, and making things as easy and painless as possible for your customers. You’ll be surprised at the results.

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