Schedule Equipment Certifications and Inspections using GoCodes and QR codes

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Importance of routine equipment inspection and certification

Manufacturing industries, businesses, offices and retail facilities use a variety of assets and equipment. They can be specialized tools and heavy-duty equipment or office assets like chairs and computers. Businesses invest a significant amount of capital in acquiring such operational hardware. Hence, it becomes important to ensure that they are used and maintained properly.

track test equipment using qr codes Routine inspection and maintenance is a sure shot way of achieving that. Ignoring quarterly or even annual maintenance checks and inspections can result in increased cost overheads and reduction in lifespan of equipment. Not to mention potential legal liabilities should accidents occur resulting in workplace injury.

A lot of the inspections of regular assets like electrical systems, piping, office equipment, wear and tear of facilities among others can be conducted with a walk-through observation and evaluation. With tools and complicated equipment, historical data and records of previous inspections prove useful. Some of the main features of a successful inspection or maintenance activity are mentioned below-

  • Setting standards- It is important to set operational standards for all assets and equipment. This not only ensures excellence in process but also keeps at constant state of awareness about equipment handling. Hence, the key goals of every inspection and expectations must be set before conducting the inspection.
  • Having a checklist- Having a checklist is mandatory in ensuring that no aspect of the equipment of asset has been missed out during inspection. It also helps in having a handy summary of the health of all the assets of the organization.
  • Ensure routine maintenance- The actual benefits of your inspections can only be realized once you establish a plan for routine checks and maintenance. Every asset or tool degrades over the course of time. Conducting routine maintenance activities can help in maintaining the edge by ensuring that the employees work with the best possible tools available.
  • Employ the latest technology- GoCodes offers new technologies like cloud software and QR codes that greatly simplify and streamline the process of maintenance scheduling and equipment certification. It is important for companies to stay updated with the latest technologies in the field of asset tracking in order continuously improve their systems. Processes are increasingly getting simplified with software platforms and costs of asset monitoring are reducing. Actively looking out for new methods and technology can be beneficial for operational improvements.

Use of modern technology

On-site supervisors and inspectors in the past found it extremely tedious to constantly pull old records of equipment and tool manuals repeatedly for every inspection or scheduled maintenance. Moreover, manual scheduling of maintenance and inspection was a time consuming and effort heavy process. However, with the rise of software as a service and modern tracking features like cloud database, QR codes, barcodes and smart devices, the process of inspection and maintenance scheduling has become extremely simple and streamlined. Scanned data and records can be checked to confirm if the piece of equipment has undergone maintenance or if it has been certified.

Furthermore, scanning technology can be used to convey additional information such as location, last updated status, equipment details and manuals. GoCodes in such company that offers a wide range of services and software products that assist in asset inspection and equipment maintenance. Some of their major features are listed below-

  • Using QR codes for quick communication- QR codes can store a lot of information in the form of a simple sticker. By using QR stickers on equipment and facilities we can convey information and historical records instantly onto the supervisor’s smartphone. The QR code can be programmed to provide access to database that has information regarding the equipment’s maintenance and operation. Once the QR code is scanned using a smartphone, the required information can be instantly displayed on an online portal. This can include information like scheduled maintenance dates, equipment certification, operational manuals and records of previous defects and faults.
  • GoCodes supports multiple platforms- One of the major concerns of using such scanning features like barcodes and QR codes is the investment in expensive scanners and asset tracking hardware. GoCodes turns your regular smartphones into powerful scanners that are capable of scanning QR codes and barcodes and send information to the servers. GoCodes offers lean software modules that require no extra equipment and are operational on multiple platforms like smartphones, tablets and laptops. You can, therefore, view equipment information and maintenance schedules from anywhere. They’re easy to use dashboard features allow you to schedule inspections on the fly.

GoCodes software modules employ a cloud database that allows supervisors and inspectors to view schedules and equipment information from any location and at any time. This also reduces efforts in documentation and all the documents and certifications can now be stored digitally on cloud.

About GoCodes

GoCodes is the industry leader in tool tracking. We provide customers with the ultimate single vendor solution that includes cloud-based software, top-rated smartphone scanner apps and rugged QR code tags.

We pride ourselves on delivering a personalized service, cutting-edge technology and software that is easily used by your entire team.

GoCodes ensures our customers achieve success in their tool management projects every time.

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