Release Notes

10/20/2022 – Android App. Bluetooth Location Finder.

1/17/2023 – Android App. Bluetooth Guardian Mode.

2/20/2023 – Kitting release in web app.

3/12/2023 – Task notifications for overdue tasks and when tasks are assigned to a person.

4/4/2023 – Update location when QR code is scanned from web app.

4/4/2023 – Added asset Transfer feature to web app.

4/13/2023 – Added Offline Update feature to Android App Version 3.4.0.

4/28/2023 – Added Copy Asset feature to web app.

5/2/2023 – Deployed backend changes to Test to support uploading documents to assets and tasks.

5/8/2023 – Deployed offline update enhancement feature update to allow local database copy for Android app.

5/10/2023 – Deployed copy access filter minor enhancement & technology upgrade to web app.

5/15/2023 – Deployed audit mode scanning feature to web app.

5/30/2023 – Add Attachment to Asset deployed to web app.

7/3/2023 – Add Attachment to Task deployed to web app, misc. updates.

8/6/2023 – Web App Pre Angular Upgrade Prep Release.

8/6/2023 – iOS App Login UI change to show user id and pwd entry above buttons, update web links.