Painting Companies Brush Up on Their Asset Tracking Using QR Codes

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Running a painting company is about much more than stocking quality paint and the right brushes for the job. In today’s day and age, these companies use machinery that is quite costly, requires maintenance, and depreciates in value over time. Keeping track of that equipment can become quite tedious, but many painting companies are discovering just how easy it can be with QR codes.Painters and Decorator Asset Tracking

What Kind of Assets Do You Have?

To truly understand just how beneficial QR codes and asset tracking can be to a painting company, it’s important to understand just how much equipment it takes to run a successful business.

  • Vehicles – Your employees likely travel to and from client locations in company vehicles. This provides professionalism, and a labeled company van or truck is a great way to help improve your brand, too. Of course, you’ll need to keep track of that vehicle’s maintenance, value depreciation, and perhaps even location. These are all things that asset tracking can do for you, whether you have two company trucks or 20.
  • Paint Sprayers – High-quality paint spraying equipment is costly. A single commercial paint sprayer can easily cost upward of $1000, and industrial-grade sprayers designed for use in huge areas can cost up to $4500. If you own several, then keeping them maintained is very important for your bottom line. QR codes can help you do just that by storing information you can access with a quick scan right from your smartphone.
  • Paint Inventory – Painting companies often stock warehouses full of paints so they can be ready to tackle any job that comes their way. However, paint does not last a lifetime. The average latex paint – which is the most common in all applications – lasts between six months to a year. QR code tracking can help ensure that you’re using the oldest paint first, that you’re aware of what you have in stock, and that you know which paint may be too old to use. These things can save you time and allow you to provide better services to your clients.

A Host of Benefits 

Being able to track the aforementioned equipment and inventory with QR codes benefits painting companies in several different ways. When it comes to their expensive equipment, such as paint sprayers, it allows them to deter theft – especially when QR codes are accompanies by GPS tags. The same can be said for vehicles; if they go missing, it’s easy to track them. In both cases, painting companies can simply scan the code for information about maintenance and depreciation, which makes equipment last longer and makes filing taxes at the end of the year a breeze. Finally, being able to keep track of your entire inventory makes your company run more efficiently, which improves your bottom line.

Painting companies are truly brushing up on their ability to make their businesses run more smoothly using asset tracking. It’s beneficial in terms of time and money saved, and it provides peace of mind that no other technology can – even in today’s day and age.

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