Learn Why Cloud Software is a Great Fit for School Districts

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Cloud computing is everywhere these days. Huge corporations use it to keep on top of things no matter where they go, and average consumers use it to have access to their music and movies whether they’re at home, in their cars, or away on vacation. Cloud software is also an amazing fit for school districts, which can derive many benefits for both faculty and students alike.

No More Carrying Devices Around

With traditional systems, students and faculty are required to carry around devices that store the information they need. This often comes down to carrying external hard drives, data CDs or DVDs, and flash drives that, while convenient, are easy to lose. When people can access the data they need in the cloud, from anywhere with an internet connection, the need to carry around devices is gone. Everything is available from anywhere, so there’s no more forgetting devices containing homework or presentations.

school district chromebook Improved Security

It’s easy enough for faculty or students to leave thumb drives or data DVDs lying about. When they do so, anyone who happens to pick it up can access that information. Things are a bit different in the cloud; in order to access information stored there, individuals must have user IDs and passwords. If you’re the only one who knows your password, then you’re the only one who can access that data. It comes in especially handy for teachers who may be putting together tests and who don’t want the answer key out there for anyone to see.

The Ability to Share

Imagine working with other teachers to help prepare an assignment for a class. Rather than constantly communicating with one another and emailing documents back and forth, you can use cloud software that allows you to share and collaborate. All you have to do is upload your photos, documents, and ideas to a shared folder, and everyone else with access to that folder will be able to find it. It’s incredibly simple, and it makes collaboration so much simpler. Say goodbye to repetitive emails and hand-delivered files, and say hello to cloud computing.

No More Paper

If students are provided with computers or tablets, or if they are required to have their own, the amount of paper sent through a copy machine each day is drastically reduced. This is not only convenient, but it’s also better for the environment. What’s more, there’s no need to have dozens upon dozens of file cabinets stacked up in each classroom. It’s possible to store hundreds of gigabytes’ worth of documents in the cloud – and that’s a lot of documents. You’ll get more convenience, less chance of losing papers, and more classroom space for your students and faculty. It’s certainly a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Cloud computing is for more than just big corporations and everyday consumers. It’s for everyone in any industry, including education. It facilitates collaboration, it prevents the loss of devices and papers, and it even makes it easier for students and teachers alike to get the job done.

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Learn Why Cloud Software is a Great Fit for School Districts

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