Keep in Tune with Your Rental Instruments Using QR Barcodes and Smartphones

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When you have an instrument rental business, how well you balance the profits depends on intelligent asset tracking. Manual inventory tracking or finding out which person has rented a particular instrument involves a lot of time and effort and gives room for a lot of errors. In the business world, time is money and errors can be costly! Keeping track of all your rental instruments with an easy and smart asset tracking software is the ideal option to boost profits.

Track assets with QR codes

Instrument rental business can involve an exhaustive list of instruments that need comprehensive asset tracking management. Parents and schools rent instruments for school bands, concerts or for practicing during summer vacation. Ranging from percussion instruments including drums, electronic drums, cymbals to string instruments and keyboards, there is a long list of inventory every rental business deals with.

Entering each new instrument into the inventory manually or using excel sheets is time-consuming and there can be duplicate entries to add to the confusion.

QR codes which stand for Quick Response Codes ensure quick and intelligent management of your rental instrument business.

track rental instruments using asset tracking softwareQR Codes at GoCodes

GoCodes offers a free QR code scanner app that is easy to download on to your smartphone. Our cloud-based software takes care of the rest! There is no requirement for elaborate devices or software installations.

GPS tracking lets you just open the app to view all the details of instruments and their location. You can rest assured your rental instrument assets are safe and sound using our simple QR codes and software.

Smart inventory management

With GoCodes QR barcodes, all you need is your smartphone to complete your inventory tracking. The many interesting and cost effective applications of QR codes include identification of instruments, tracking products, management of documentation and scheduling maintenance for instruments.

A barcode is nothing but an optical label that contains relevant information about the instrument to which the code is attached. QR codes can store more data in the form of bytes, numerics, alphanumeric, and images. With GoCodes QR scanning app, any of the staff members can use his or her smartphone to scan the QR codes and store the information. It is easy to read QR codes using barcode scanners as well.

Because at GoCodes we can custom-make the barcodes in a variety of materials, it is easy to attach them to your instruments. These codes are pre-printed and resist moisture besides being tamper proof. You can easily manage your asset tracking in all seasons using our smart QR codes.

With each QR code, you can store information worth a page of text! With GoCodes intelligent asset tracking with QR codes and cloud software, you can now:

  • Update your rental assets online
  • Use your smartphone as a barcode or QR code scanner from any location
  • Enable GPS tracking of your assets
  • Customize your data fields
  • Upload and maintain images or photographs of your instruments
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