How to Use QR Codes for Online Marketing Campaigns

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QR codes are one of the most popularly used digital technologies that find widespread applications in all kinds of industrial sectors. QR codes are printable codes that can be printed on almost all kinds of surfaces. QR codes can store data that the business can use to share with their customers or it can establish direct contact with them.

Digital marketing is developing at a rapid pace. Companies are employing the best strategies that can attract the maximum number of consumers and which leverages the existing digital channels to establish a connection. Today, every customer carries a smartphone. QR codes can store all kinds of information and can be scanned using a simple smartphone. Once scanned, a connection is established between the company’s digital platform and the customer’s smartphone.

QR codes can be directly printed on surfaces or can be used on stickers or metal tags attached on any kind of surface. The main advantage of using QR codes is that it is extremely cost effective and practically doesn’t consume any time in establishing a connection. The consumer just needs to come across the QR code and scan it; the consumer is instantly connected with the brand.

qr codes for marketingUsing QR Codes for marketing

A QR code is one of the hottest digital marketing trends that is used to establish quick connections with the consumers effortlessly. Some of the major ways in which QR codes can be used for digital marketing are mentioned below.

  • Direct consumers to online portals- By printing QR codes at appropriate locations such as product casings or packaging, office walls or retail store windows,  businesses can connect customers to their websites or online portals where they can make contact. By directing consumers to their websites, they are increasing their viewership and gaining an opportunity to establish a brand reputation. The QR code needs to be properly matched with the URL of the website.
  • Sending business details instantly- This is especially useful in B2B interactions and business conferences. Business and work details can be instantly shared between parties simply by scanning the QR code. A company can send its business or product details quickly across to the relevant partners by providing them with QR codes. The database that the code is connected to can be routinely updated.
  • Redirecting to social media- Social media has grown into one of the most powerful marketing tools that are available to businesses. By connecting their social media pages with QR codes, customers can be redirected to the page where they can post reviews, come across interesting ads and content, and learn more about new and exciting services and offers.

QR codes not only help in saving time and energy, but they also play an important role in data collection. By analyzing the traffic generated by the codes, companies can measure the success of their marketing campaigns. Important metrics such as the consumer location, frequency of interaction, and time of interaction can be accurately measured. All such data help in improving marketing plans for the better targeting of customers.

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