How to Pick the Best Software for Tracking Your Mobile Storage Units

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Mobile storage units are a staple across multiple industries. They are critical in the transport of equipment, raw materials, product and other physical assets in bulk quantities. Due to the high quantity of goods transported using storage units, the value of each unit is very high. Hence management and tracking of a collection of such units become extremely critical. Today there are numerous software, mobile apps and warehouse management tools for efficient management of storage units. By using warehouse management apps, inventory managers can keep track of the location of each storage unit, their contents and their scheduled times of delivery.

https://publishpath.comtrack storage units using qr codes and appsThere are certain things to keep in mind before choosing the right software for tracking your storage units.

  • Ease of use- The software that you choose must have a clean and easy to use user-interface. Providing separate training to warehouse managers can be an expensive process as warehouses are usually very high in number consisting of a lot of employees. Make sure that your warehouse tracking software provider offers a free demo or orientation to the managers for them to get easily acclimatized with the system features.
  • The mobility of platform- The transport of storage is a continuous process. There are scheduled times for storage and transport. Hence, access to data on the fly is of great importance in maintaining schedules and ensuring proper delivery. While choosing your storage unit tracking software, ensure that they have features like smartphone support and cloud database so that delivery and status information is readily available at any time and location.
  • Tailored-features- Every business has different storage needs and capacities. Their timelines and delivery frequencies vary. Your software must take into account the size of your inventory, the nature of the contents inside the storage units, their life-cycle and special handling concerns related to the goods being transported. A thorough analysis of the nature of your services and operation must be carried out and the tracking solutions must be customized accordingly.
  • Accommodating for scalability- The tracking software must be flexible enough to handle the tracking and monitoring even when the business is scaling. This means that the various features present must be able to take on an increase in the number of storage units to be tracked. Also, the software must be compliant with the system changes that are carried out during scaling. Addition of new features such as QR codes and cloud database should be simple and seamless.
  • Support in case of emergency- The software must be linked to some form of emergency support center in case of loss of units, inconsistent handling, discrepancies in the number of contents etc. Secure features like GPS tracking coupled with a monitoring system must be put in place to handle such emergencies. Features like snapshots of contents must and data collected from routine checks at designated checkpoints must be incorporated into the system. The response time of such support features must be low to ensure no loss of goods or capital.
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