Get Gassed About Automating Fuel Tank Rentals Using QR Codes and a Smartphone

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Fuel tank rental business owners need to deal with challenges on an ongoing basis. Fluctuating rental prices, the indirect impact of changing fuel supplies and rates, competition, and increasing demand due to larger fleets are some of the crucial challenges.

The demand for fuel tank rentals is in proportion to the rise in generator use, growing fleet sizes, and a booming construction business to name a few. This is especially true in North America where new mining and fracking operations are creating massive demand.

As a fuel tank rental business owner, managing the various market dynamics while ensuring that the fuel tanks provide adequate fuel supply for all types of tasks at remote locations is critical. Customer satisfaction is key to staying ahead of the competition.

At the same time, streamlining the costs of operations when rental prices or fuel prices fluctuate is also crucial to stay on track.

fuel tank rental unit tracking using qr codes and appsManage an array of tanks with GoCodes

Most fuel tank rental business owners need to have a variety of tanks including auxiliary tanks, portable fuel tanks, buffalo tanks, and fuel cubes of various sizes. The sizes of these fuel tanks can range from 250 gallons to more than ten thousand gallons to suit various applications. These tanks have to be securely located and available at all times to meet customers’ needs. They also have to be maintained efficiently so that there are no spills or leakages that can be detrimental to the rental business as well as to the lives of many who are on the work site. Attending to repairs, maintenance schedules or replacements of components are crucial to ensure the fuel tanks are in top condition.

Easy database management with QR Codes

Apart from maintaining an updated inventory of all your fuel tanks, you also need to know who has rented which type of fuel tank and when it is due for return.

Maintaining a database, updating on a daily basis, and adhering to maintenance schedules can be difficult at times when there are huge volumes of tanks rented.

GoCodes makes it easy and convenient to streamline your fuel tank rental business. By signing up on GoCodes website, you can generate and print any number of QR Codes to label each small or big component or tank individually. Just label each of the component or tank with unique QR codes for smart inventory tracking and asset management.

Free up time and labor with smartphone and QR scans

The free to download QR scanning app makes it even more convenient to scan each QR Code with just a wave of the smartphone. The QR scanning app can be used on any Android or iOS platform. Scan and store information on the cloud platform for multiple fuel tanks and components and retrieve them with ease! With GPS enabled smartphones, it is easy to locate each of the fuel tanks no matter where they are located.

GoCodes QR codes bring a smart and efficient way to maintain an updated database of fuel tanks while also helping in understand which of the equipment is due for repair or replacement.

With complete automation of tasks using just a smartphone, you can free up time and labor while improving the bottom lines!

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