Full Steam Ahead! Track Your Marine Assets Using a Smartphone

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Having business in the marine industry is a top dollar industry. From equipment and inventory to shipping and customer service – everything has to be known right to the smallest detail, including where things are. There are plenty of reasons to track your marine assets and inventory. Whether it is locating your assets or monitoring delivery times for shipments, we have the solution you need and you can do it all using your smartphone. Here are just a few of the benefits of keeping up with your investment using your smartphone.

manage marine and boat assets using qr codesReal Time Data

Real time data allows you to keep up with deliveries and shipping times where it may cost you if an item is late getting where it needs to be. This also allows you to keep track of everything as it is on its way – no matter where you are at or what time it is since you use your smartphone to do the tracking. Real time data also allows you to follow an item at any given time. Let’s say that you are tracking a customer’s shipment – you can follow it from the point of origin all the way to the destination and there is never a miscommunication on when something arrived.

Minimize Losses

By being able to track your marine assets and inventory, you are able to minimize your losses due to theft, lost items, or even those that are late arriving. The GPS tracking shows you the location of the item by name, item or serial number, and the complete address as to where it is. And since it is done via GPS, you always have the exact location – even if it is in the middle of the ocean. This gives you peace of mind that no matter what is going on, you are able to find whatever it is you need and can do it immediately instead of having to wait.

Smartphone Tracking

Since you are able to use your smartphone for tracking your marine assets and inventory, you have the ability of being mobile. Instead of being tethered to a desk or using difficult software solutions, the total solution from GoCodes, allows you easy access to everything you need without expensive overhead. It also functions on laptops, computers, and tablets so you have a variety of ways to utilize the service.

Increased Visibility

As you know, when it comes to keeping up with marine assets and inventory, it is crucial to have a firm grasp on where things are. Parts and inventory are big investments and if it is shipping containers you need to track, their location is important to not only your budget but keeping your customers happy. Having a lost container can be devastating to a client and could jeaporadize your contract. But by having a way to keep up with things, not only is it there for your peace of mind but you are also able to alert the customer of any changes that may affect their delivery date. It provides quality assurance no matter if they are leasing equipment or need to know the location or arrival date of their shipment.

Our system is not only easy to implement but it is intuitive and easy to you. You and your employees will love how it makes equipment tracking seamless and the added bonus is how it helps you be a more green company. Try it out with our free trial or if you would like to learn more, simply contact us. You can see for yourself just how easy it is to use and how smooth the transition will be!

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