Don’t Get Soaked. Track Your Marine Equipment with Waterproof QR Codes

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QR codes or quick response codes is a popular system for asset management. For those of you who need a bit more insight, QR codes are those black and white matrix codes you scan using your mobiles. QR codes have a broad range of applications and often are used in online wallets, on bottles of wine, luggage tags, and so on.

QR codes are a great system for asset management and are used in a broad range of industries. They are simple to use and quite efficient and is perfect for tracking inventory of any kind. QR codes are even used in the marine industry to keep an inventory of the different types of marine equipment.

While it is perfect for the purpose, the only slight problem is that with marine equipment, constant contact with water can damage the integrity of the QR code labels. In such cases, the inventory cannot be managed accurately, and it can damage the information in the QR codes.

This is why marine equipment is tagged with waterproof QR codes. Waterproof QR codes are quite durable and long-lasting. They do not get damaged upon coming in contact with water and this, in turn, preserves the information stored in the QR codes.

Tagging marine equipment with waterproof QR codes has several benefits.

marine equipment trackingTrack marine equipment in real time

When you are using dozens of marine equipment for different applications, you need to make sure that you can monitor and track each one of them. This is especially important for the equipment that is launched underwater. Waterproof QR codes help keep track of all your marine equipment in real time. All that needs to be done is to scan the QR code, and all information regarding the equipment can be viewed by whoever has access to the information.

Maintain an inventory easily and efficiently

When dealing with expensive marine equipment, it is important to keep a highly accurate inventory to make sure that every piece of equipment is accounted for. This is a tedious process if done manually. On the other hand, waterproof QR codes help speed up the process of data entry. In addition, the inventory is accurate and precise.

Make information accessible

QR codes can be used to make information available over the cloud. This means that your teammates can access important information about the equipment from anywhere. In addition, any changes in the inventory can be updated on the cloud for everyone to see. This eliminates inefficiencies and errors.

Help in maintenance

QR codes are extremely efficient in helping to maintain marine equipment. The automated data entry system helps to identify any damaged or missing equipment. Any equipment that is compromised can be immediately tracked and sent for repair and monitoring. You can create checklists for service and maintenance and update any information on the cloud. Technicians who have access to the information on the cloud is immediately sent a service request.

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